Review Control Systems, Facilitate Risk Assessment, Troubleshooting of Crude Processing Units

Course Properties

Course date: 11-02-2018
Course End Date: 15-02-2018
Location Cairo

Course Overview & Description:

               • Review existing control systems and emergency shutdown (ESD) logic for the equipment and adhere to  KOC/IOCs                   procedures in order to respond to each alert.            

               • Facilitate risk assessment such as HAZID, HAZOP, HSE audit, environmental impact  assessment  (EIA) 

                  management of change, etc\.

               • Perform Trouble shooting of Crude Processing Units.

Course Objective

               • Differentiate between process control and safety control

               • Understanding The objectives of an ESD system

               • Evaluate process risk levels

               • Analyze the performance of different logic system technologies

               • Analyze the performance of various sensor, logic, and final element configurations

               • Understanding Sample input Loop and output wiring diagrams within the ESD system PLC

               • Specify and select safety instrumented systems

               • Obtain good understanding of the concepts, the principles and the logical build-up of risk management

               • Look at risk management in a different and more structured way in the future  

               • Formulate clear ideas and to conduct precise and more professional discussions on risk management

               • Obtain a better understanding for some of the management decisions made to control the risk to health, safety and


               • Learn Basic Operational Troubleshooting & Take Required Action

               • Perform Trouble shooting of Crude Processing Units

Who Should Attend

              Operators & Controllers Production

Training Methodology

   A highly interactive combination of lectures and discussion sessions will be managed to maximize the amount and quality of information and knowledge transfer.


   This interactive training workshop including the following training methodologies as a percentage of total tuition hours;-

               • 60% Lectures

               • 20% Workshops, Group work, Practical Exercises and case studies

               • 20%Videos film DVD&CD

Course Content

         Basic Principles of Control Systems

               • Fundamentals

               • ON-OFF Control

               • Modulating Control

               • Open Loop Control

               • Closed Control Loop

         Existing Control Systems

               • Programmable Logic Controllers PLC

               • Distributed Control Systems DCS

               • SCADA systems

               • Typical Control Schemes

         Emergency Shutdown Systems

               • The objectives of an ESD system

               • Basic process control system (BPCS)

               • Safety instrumented system (SIS)

               • Typical architecture

         Safety Control System

               • ESD system Elements

               • Input

               • Logic

               • Programmable Electronic Systems (PESs)

               • Output

               • ESD Sensors

               • Logic Solvers

               • Safety Programmable Logic Controllers

               • ESD Final Elements

         Examples of Logic Control and Protection For Equipment

               • Binary Signals and Codes

               • Logic Function Symbols

               • Ladder Logic Diagrams

               • Compressor Control

               • Dryer Controls

               • Fan Controls

               • Heat Exchanger Control

               • Pump Controls

               • Separation Controls

               • Turbine Controls

               • Natural Gas Dehydration

         Facilitate Risk Assessment for HAZID ,HAZOP, HSE Audits & EIA

               • Introduction to HSE Management System

               • Risk Management Tools  

               • Risk Assessment

               • The Cost Benefit Analysis Approach

               • Risk Register

               • Job Safety Analysis

               • What If Technique

               • Hazard Identification & Analysis (HAZOP)

               • Failure Mode & Effect Analysis (FEMA)

               • Fault Tree Analysis (FTA)

               • Identification of Hazards Techniques

               • Evaluate (Analyze & Assess) Hazards

               • Environmental Impact Assessment

         Trouble shooting of Crude Processing Units

               • Troubleshooting Concepts and Techniques

               • Typical Problems

               • Integration of Process and Equipment

               • Troubleshooting Techniques

               • Troubleshooting Tool

               • DISTILLATION

               • HEAT EXCHANGERS

               • HYDRAULICS

               • Fired Heaters

               • VACUUM SYSTEMS



               • CONTROL