Financial Reporting Quality Assessment

Course Properties

Course date: 11-03-2018
Course End Date: 15-03-2018
Location Sharm El-Sheikh

Course Objective:
          By the end of the course, participants will be able to:
                • Learn the concept and types of financial reports, its objectives, purposes targets, elements, and components.
                • Identify basics of accounting for financial reporting and methods of disclosure and presentation of information.
                • Learn the basics and key components of financial reporting in both, for-profit and governmental organizations.


Who Should Attend:

                • Financial, operational and MIS auditors,
                • Controllers and financial managers,
                • Accountants,
                • Staff involved in preparing and finalizing financial reports.


Course Contents:

                • The concept of financial reports
                                  Objectives and who are the beneficiaries
                                  Types of financial reports (Purpose – Target)

                • Elements and components of financial reports
                                 Financial Statements
                                 Report of the supervisory authority
                                 Report of the Board of Directors
                                 Report of the Executive Management

                • Basis of accounting for financial reporting
                • Methods of disclosure and presentation of information in financial reports
                                 Financial reporting adequacy and quality criteria
                                 Importance of disclosure in financial reporting
                                 General requirements for disclosure
                                 Factors that affect disclosure

                • Financial reporting in for-profit organizations
                                 Target and components
                                 Key indicators derived from
                                 Higher management position towards financial reports

                • Financial reporting in governmental organizations
                                 Target and components
                                 Suitability for the rationalization of administrative decisions
                                 Statements covered
                                 Proposed framework for financial reporting in the public sector
                                 Financial analysis and comparison between the periods

                • Workshop (how to prepare and assess a financial report).