Management of Cash Flow & Working Capital

Course Properties

Course date: 04-03-2018
Course End Date: 08-03-2018
Location Dubai

Course Objective:

      By the end of this program you will be able to:
            •  Acquire an understanding of the fundamentals of effective management of cash flow, including the optimization
of the

                  level of working capital. 
           •  Develop practical experience of how to manage cash flow and optimize working capital to facilitate such delivery in
real life

                  business situations. 
           •  Increase personal financial skill levels 
           •  Develop confidence through understanding the major drivers of successful financial performance. 
Learn a number of technical skills, all of which lead to the ability to calculate the required figures and implement them

                 value adding business decisions.


Who Should Attend:

       •  Members of the treasury departments of companies within the oil and gas, petrochemical, and other industries who have

             responsibilities for managing cash flow and working capital. 
       •  Business professionals, strategic and business development planners, and project professionals who wish to refresh their

             understanding and enhance their skills in managing and improving cash flow and working capital performance. 
       •  Personnel employed in the banking, insurance and the general financial services sector where the management of cash is of

             prime importance. 
       •  Any operational, engineering, commercial, marketing, technical, or financial personnel whose work impacts on cash flow or

            working capital, and who wish to develop their expertise in these areas to support their current roles or for career development..

Course Contents:

            •  Accounting for Cash & Performance

                       A Performance Management Model 
                       The Financial Language 
                       Accounting Basics
                       Cash Flow and Working Capital 
                       The 3 Key Financial Statements
                       Cash Vs Profit
                       Using financial statement to manage cash and working capital

          •  Measuring & Improving Performance

                       The Impact of Inflation on Financial Performance
                       Measuring Performance: Ratios and KPIs
                       Benchmarking of Performance
                       Ratios for cash and working capital management
                       Basics of working capital management
                       Credit Risk Management
                       Financial modeling for cash and working capital management
                       Spreadsheet modeling and tools and approaches

          •  Strategic Cash Management

                        Cash & Cost modeling 
                       The Economic Value Model 
                       The Time Value of Money and Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) 
                       The Key Investment Indicators 
                       Defining the Right Base Case, Sensitivity and Risk Analysis 
                       Treatment of Working Capital 
                       Valuing Companies and Acquisitions 
                       Where Does Net Present Value (NPV) Come From? 
                      The Drivers of Value 
                       Learning from Experience and Delivering Project Value

         •  Optimization of Working Capital

                       Optimization not Minimization 
                       Key Issues 
                       Stock 
                       Debtors 
                       Creditors 
                       Stores 
                       Settlement Options 
                       The Cost of Working Capital 
                       Long term 
                       Short term 
                       Practical Examples 
                       Engaging the Organization

          •  Final Session

                       Seminar Summary and Checklists 
                       Cash Budgets & Budgeting 
                       Financial Skills and Further Development 
                       Open Forum 
                       Seminar Review