Financial Auditing for Service Contract

Course Properties

Course date: 04-02-2018
Course End Date: 08-02-2018
Location Sharm El-Sheikh

 Course Objective:

     This course outlines the process for effective financial auditing, including where to start, what types of audit report to prepare, and how to make auditing a value-added activity. The objective of the course is to provide guidance for the user on how to do financial auditing for services contract . The course is designed for users with a working knowledge of service contract  who want to improve their current practices. The course focuses on three stages of auditing .   

    The purpose of the course is to introduce new concepts and ideas that will improve financial auditing for services contract.
Who Should Attend:

            This course is very valuable for all auditors.


. Course Contents:

               • Introduction to Professional Practice
               • Core Concepts of Accounting Information
               • Introduction to Business Information Technology
               • Manufacturing Account
               • Partnership Accounts
               • Limited Companies
               • Types of services contracts
               • Auditing techniques for services contracts
               • Interpretation of Accounts and Stock Market Ratios
               • Income Tax on Trading Profits
               • Introduction to Consolidated Accounts
               • Advanced Corporate Finance
               • Analysis of Industry and Competition
               • Behavioral Finance
               • Equity Investment Management
               • Financial Analysis of services contracts
               • Financial Engineering and Risk Management
               • Financial Markets and Economic Performance
               • Financing the Entrepreneurial Business
               • Fixed Income Securities
               • International Financial Analysis
               • New Venture Finance