Mastering Business & Financial Modeling using Excel

Course Properties

Course date: 07-01-2018
Course End Date: 11-01-2018
Location Sharm El-Sheikh

 Course Objective:

               By the end of the program, participants will be able to:
                • Use Microsoft Excel in business finance more effectively.
                • Perform analysis and evaluation to assist in enhancing the decision making process.
                • Understand and create pivot tables and pivot charts.
                • Analyze business data in no time.
                • Prepare business and flash reports to senior management.


Who Should Attend:

    Business analysts and professional, supervisors and staff from any function including finance that need to improve their understanding and use of Microsoft Excel as an important tool to produce more effective and efficient work.


Course Contents:
                • Quick Review of Excel Business and Finance Functions
                                  o Business Workspace
                                  o Conditional and Auto Formatting
                                  o Name Ranges
                                  o Scenario Analysis, and Formula Auditing
                                  o Goal Seek and Break-Even Analysis
                                  o Data Validation and Consolidation
                                  o Business Form
                                  o Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts Macros

                • Scenario Analysis
                                  o Defining a Scenario
                                  o Merging Scenarios
                                  o Multiple Level Scenarios
                                  o Scenario Spinner and What-If-Analysis

                • Auditing Your Work in No Time
                                  o Trace Precedents
                                  o Trace Dependents
                                  o Evaluate Business Formulas

                • Business and Financial Data Validation
                                  o Setting-Up Your Validation Rules
                                  o Selecting Different Input Variables
                                  o Using Lists to Restrict Data Input to Your Business Model

                • Data Consolidation
                                  o Using Appropriate Function
                                  o Selecting Different References
                                  o Creating Source to Consolidated Data

                • Pivot Table and Pivot Charts – A Must Learn Tool
                                  o Using Your Own Data
                                  o Using Your Imported Data
                                  o Using Consolidation Ranges
                                  o Enhancing Your Report With Data and Format Options

                • A Must Tools for Every Business and Finance Professional
                                  o IF STATEMENT
                                  o MID, LEFT, RIGHT
                                  o VALUE, DATE, and TRIM
                                  o CONCATENATE
                                  o VLOOKUP
                                  o IS, and, OR

                • Macros – The Ultimate Efficiency Tool
                                  o Planning Macros
                                  o Recording Macros
                                  o Editing Macros