Advanced Planning & Budgeting Techniques

Course Properties

Course date: 31-12-2017
Course End Date: 04-01-2018
Location Cairo

Course Objective:
              By the end of this program, you should be able to:
               • Describe how budgeting relates to the planning and controlling functions of management.
               • Explain the relationship between budgeting and strategic planning.
               • Define chart of accounts, responsibility reporting, and flexible budgets.
               • List and describe the phases of budgeting.
               • Describe budgetary slack.


Who Should Attend:
    Senior managers, managers, accountants, staff involved in the decision-making process, staff involved in the budgeting process, financial planners.


Course Contents:
               • The Information Content of Financial Statements
                                 o Types of Assets
                                 o Types of Liabilities
                                 o Owners' Equity
                                 o Reading the Balance Sheet
                                 o Reading the Balance Sheet
                                 o Understanding the Income Statement
                                 o Profit and Loss Statement - P&L
                                 o The Importance of Dividends
                                 o What Is Working Capital?
                                 o Zooming in on Net Operating Income
               • Financial Ratio Analysis
                                 o What do we want ratio analysis to tell us?
                                 o Users of Accounting Information
                                 o Brief Review of the Accounts

               • Gross Profit Margin
                                 o Net Profit Margin
                                 o Advanced Profitability
                                 o Return on Capital Employed Ratio
                                 o Return on Total Assets Ratio
                                 o Return on Capital Employed Revisited
                                 o Advanced Rate of Return

               • Financial Management Capability
                                 o Objectives of Financial Management
                                 o Elements of Financial Management
                                 o Defining Financial Management
                                 o Financial Management: Three Essential Elements
                                 o Principles of Financial Management
                                 o The Financial Management Capability Model
                                 o Structure of the Financial Management Capability Model
                                 o Mastering Key Process Areas
                                 o Mastering KPA's - The Building Blocks of Capability Levels
                                 o Establishing Financial Management Requirements
                                 o Linking Key Process Areas to Elements of Financial Management
                                 o Organization Control Environment

               • Flexible Budgets &Overhead Variance Analysis
                                 o Analysis of Individual Cost Factors
                                 o Budget Process
                                 o Static Budget
                                 o Flexible Budget
                                 o Flexible Budget Construction:
                                                    VFOH Variance
                                                    Efficiency Variance
                                 o Spending Variance means: Efficiency Variance means:
                                                    Analysis of Individual Cost Factors
                                                    Exploratory Cost Behavior Analysis
                                                    The Aggregate Cost Analysis Method
                                 o Flexible Budgets & Performance Evaluation:
                                                    Variance analysis

               • Capital Budgeting
                                 o Capital Budgeting Versus Current Expenditures
                                 o The Classification of Investment Projects
                                 o The Economic Evaluation of Investment Proposals
                                 o The Internal Rate of Return (IRR)
                                 o The Timing of the Cash Flow
                                 o The Payback Period (PP)
                                 o The Accounting Rate of Return - (ARR)
                                 o Expectations of Inflation & the Effects of Inflation