Power System Testing, Commissioning & Start Up

Course Properties

Course date: 25-03-2018
Course End Date: 29-03-2018
Location Dubai

Course Objective:

             On completion of this course participants will be able:
                 • To understand main concepts of management of reactive power.
                 • To discuss how to improve the quality of supply in A.C. Power System.
                 • To discuss how to use the generators, distribution networks, and equipment at full efficiency.
                 • To know how to select, calculate, connect the reactive power compensator to improve the power factor, the voltage regulation and the load balancing in the

                     utilities and industrial networks.
                 • To know the problems appear due to use compensation equipment and how to mitigate those problems. .

Who Should Attend:

      This course is intended for Junior & Senior Electrical Engineers, who work in operation, planning, maintenance, protection, control and analysis of Utilities & Industrial Electrical Networks.

COurse Contents:

              • Introduction
              • Fundamentals of Power Factor Correction:
              • Introduction, background and history
              • Terminology
              • Dielectric theory and review

              • Linear loads, nonlinear loads 
              • Power factor correction PFC
              • Standards and regulations 
              • Reactive Power compensation
              • Production and Absorption of Reactive Power.

              • Means of Reactive Power Compensation
              • Shunt reactors
              • Shunt Capacitors
              • Series Capacitors
              • Synchronous Condensers

              • Static VAR Compensator (SVC)
              • Distribution System Voltage Regulations.
              • Power Factor Correction
              • Importance of P.F. Correction
              • Problems Appear Due to Low Power Factor

              • Technical & Economical Benefits
              • Numerical Example
              • Capacitor Banks
              • Methods of Correction
              • Design Criteria & Selection

              • Procurement & Maintenance Cost
              • Fixed Capacitor Banks
              • Locations & Connections
              • Discussions
              • Automatic Capacitor Bank

              • Purpose
              • The VAR Regulators
              • Measurement & Adjustment of Cost
              • Adjustment Steps
              • Contactor And Fuses

              • Unsymmetrical Loads
              • Positive-, negative- and zero- sequence components
              • Effect of unbalanced operation on electrical loads
              • Power Measurements
              • Influence of Harmonics And Resonance

              • Protection Against Resonance 
              • Power Electronics Converters 
              • Power Semi-conductors
              • Fundamentals Pulse Width Modulation (PWM)
              • Single- phase converters

              • Three- phase converters
              • Harmonics and power factor correction
              • Reducing Power Factor Cost:
              • Why improve your power factor
              • Measurement Power Factor

              • Power Factor calculation 
              • Power Factor Equipment and testing
              • PF equipment
              • Operation PF equipment
              • Implementation equipment
              • Testing Power Factor