Ship Handling & Pilotage Simulation Course –Various Types, Size

Course Properties

Course date: 25-03-2018
Course End Date: 29-03-2018
Location Sharm El-Sheikh

Target Audience:

              Marine Pilots, Harbour Masters & Port Marine Officers


 Course Objectives:

             To provide participants with:

                • Understanding of Port Marine Safety and Regulations, Maritime Security, Hydro graphic functions & services,

                    Pilotage & Tug services

                • An opportunity to enhance ship handling knowledge through lectures, sharing & discussions with PSA pilots

                • An opportunity to enhance pilotage and ship handling skills through simulation training room.


Course Contents (Lectures):

      Port Regulations, Functions and Services, Port Safety and Security.

               • Pilotage & ship handling :

                       Ship Behavior

                                o Different types of vessels and their handling characteristics

                                o Effects of different types of propulsion and rudders

                                o Understanding a vessel’s pivot point

                                o Use of transit marks in ship handling

                                o Use of thrusters and different types of tugs in ship handling

                                o Anchoring and use of anchors under various conditions

                                o Berthing & unberthing methodology

                                o Speed management


                      Environmental effects

                                o Wind and current

                                o Banks, channels and shallow water

                                o Interaction

                                o Pilotage Best Practices

                                o Master-pilot relationship

                                o Information exchange

                                o Pilotage communication

                                o Marine vocabulary

               • Shipboard Crisis Management & Emergency procedures

               • Practical Ship handling Simulation Training

               • Hands-on training on Maritime Port Authority’s Full Mission Ship handling Simulator (FMSS).

               • Piloting in various Port waters.

               • Ship handling and pilotage under different environmental conditions

                             o Developing maneuvering plans & execution

                             o Situation awareness

                             o Speed management

                             o Transit marks and their applications in ship handling

                             o Mooring Line Management

                             o Anchoring in congested anchorages

                             o Berthing and unberthing in open berths, terminals and confined basins

                             o Piloting in shipyards, towing, entering and leaving docks

                             o Piloting different types and sizes of vessels