Runway and Crane Structure Course

Course Properties

Course date: 25-02-2018
Course End Date: 01-03-2018
Location Dubai

Course Main Objective:

        • Gain a competitive edge and benefit from unrivalled access to all the latest technical,

             legal and safety information necessary to operate successfully in today’s lifting equipment industry.

         • Expert and up-to-date information and advice on all aspects of the safety, design, manufacture, testing, examination, servicing,

             certification and supply of lifting equipment.

         • Enable to take advantage of globally respected training courses leading to recognized and widely respected qualifications.

Who Should Attend:

        • Inspection & Corrosion Engineers & Senior Technicians

Course Contents:

         Basic Mechanics

              • Co-ordinate systems and position vectors

              • Vector representation, Triangles of Forces.

              • Moment of a force, couple

              • Winches and pulleys

              • Discussion examples

        Stress & Strain in Lifting Equipment

              • Direct, shear and bending stress, bending of beams

              • Theories of failure

              • Fatigue and stress concentration

              • Heat Treatment

              • Non-Destructive Testing

              • Discussion examples

        Lifting Gears

              • Cranes and Hoists Definitions and Application

              • Choice in hoisting and lifting gear

              • Overloading or incorrect use of lifting gear

              • Insecure attachment of load.

              • Hoists

              • Proper methods of use of equipment

              • Inspection of lifting gear

              • Case study

        Lifting With Eye Bolts

              • Thread nomenclature, Types of tread

              • Strength of fasteners

              • Lifting Eye Capacities

              • Selection of the right bolt

              • Use of eye bolts safely

              • Case study for calculations and selection of eye bolt

        Chain Slings

              • Choosing Slings, use chain slings safely

              • Inspect chain slings

              • Fibre Rope Slings

                                Types of fibres used to make rope slings

                                Characteristics of natural fibre rope slings

                                Use fibre rope slings safely

              • Lifting crane forks and C-Hook

         Metal Mesh Slings, Crane Hitches, Shackles, Plate Clamp

               • Characteristics of the metal mesh slings, using of metal mesh slings

               • Use metal-mesh slings safely, inspect the sling

               • What should you look for when inspecting a metal-mesh sling?

               • Use a vertical hitch,  use a turning hitch,  use choker hitches,  use basket hitches, bridle hitches

               • Effect of angle of hoisting on the sling load limit

               • Types of shackles,  inspection of shackles

               • Plate Clamp Inspection and Use, spring, cam, lock and pads

               • Case study

        Crane Pre-operation Inspection

              • What should you check for before operating a crane?

              • What should you inspect while the crane is moving?

              • Crane and Hoist Hand Signals

              • General case study

              • Course evaluation