HP-HT Deep Wells Planning, Designing, Completion & Testing

Course Properties

Course date: 18-02-2018
Course End Date: 22-02-2018
Location Cairo

Course Objective:

   The main objective is to give the technical background necessary in planning, designing, completion and testing of high pressure-high temperature deep well.
             At the end of the course, participants will: 
                • Learn the fundamentals of HP-HT deep well, drilling techniques, well completion and servicing, and

                  the main activation techniques.
               • Acquire a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of deep well completion methods

               • Learn the production techniques which satisfy deep well
               • Have information on the offshore development techniques and are sensitive to Flow Assurance problems
               • Be aware of the artificial lift techniques required to deep well .

Who Should Attend:

        Drillers, Production Engineers, Development Engineers, Well Planning Engineers, and all staff involved in the field.  

Course Contents:

                       • Well planning objective
                       • Minimum cost
                       • Classification of well types 
                       • Formation pressures
                       • Flow path for well planning

                       • Overview of the planning process 
                       • Well project management 
                       • Under-balanced drilling (UBD)
                       • Well Program planning 
                       • Drilling management system

                       • Data collection   
                       • Data sources  
                       • Bit record   
                       • Mud record
                       • Drilling analysis

                       • Drill collar design 
                       • Example of D.C. design
                       • Drill pipe design
                       • Collapse due to external fluid pressure
                       • Torsional strength

                       • Completion methods
                       • Open hole logs
                       • Formation testing methods
                       • Formation evaluation
                       • Artificial lift methods

                       • Well Performance