Cathodic Protection

Course Properties

Course date: 04-02-2018
Course End Date: 08-02-2018
Location Cairo

Course Objective:

               The course aims at providing participants with:
                  • Principles of cathodic protection, chemical and Electrochemical
                  • Cathodic protection Criteria
                  • Types of cathodic protection


Who Should Attend:

       Engineers in petroleum, petrochemical, and chemical industries -Corrosion engineers -Surface finishing specialists.  -Laboratories specialists -Production engineers -Maintenance engineers -Safety engineers.

Course Contents:

               • Principles of Application
               • Electrochemical Principle
               • Protection Criteria
               • Sacrificial Anodes
               • Potential Distribution

               • Structures in Sea-water
               • Electrical Interference
               • General Anode Requirement
               • Material Composition
               • Backfills for Anodes

               • Physical Shape of the Anode
               • The Anode Insert
               • Anode Output
               • Anode Capacity and Anode Efficiency
               • Area of Steel Requiring Protection

               • The Weight and Number of Aluminum and Zinc Anodes
               • Application of Cathodic Protection Using Sacrificial Anodes
               • Impressed-current systems
               • Design of a Cathodic-Protection system
               • Impressed-current anodes

               • Impressed-current Systems 
               • Cathodic Protection of Buried Structures 
               • Impressed-current Design
               • Determining Rectifier Voltage
               • Field Measurements

               • Coating Resistance
               • Types of Cable for Anode Installations  
               • Power Sources for Cathodic Protection
               • Stray Current of Forced Drainage