Corrosion Management in Production/Processing Operations

Course Properties

Course date: 14-01-2018
Course End Date: 18-01-2018
Location Dubai

Course Objective:


                • The basics of corrosion chemistry
                • The main corrosion mechanisms occurring in oil and gas production/processing systems
                • The different types of damage caused by corrosion
                • About materials selection for corrosion prevention
                • Some methods for conducting cathodic protection (CP) surveys
                • Items to consider in corrosion inhibitor selection
                • Some advantages and disadvantages of the various corrosion monitoring methods
                • Where the main locations of corrosion concern occur within oil production systems, gas

                   processing facilities (including amine units), and water injection systems.


Who Should Attend:

     Managers, engineers, chemists, and operators who need to understand corrosion and its control management in oil and gas production and processing.


Course Contents:

                • Fundamentals of corrosion theory
                • Major causes of corrosion (O2, CO2, H2S, microbiologically influenced corrosion)
                • Forms of corrosion damage
                • Materials selection
                • Protective coatings & linings
                • Cathodic protection
                • Corrosion inhibitors
                • Corrosion monitoring and inspection
                • Corrosion in gas processing facilities
                • Corrosion in water injection systems
                • Corrosion management strategy and life cycle costs