Crude Oil Testing & Equipment

Course Properties

Course date: 07-01-2018
Course End Date: 11-01-2018
Location Dubai

Course Introduction & Objectives:

        At the end of the course, participants will:
               • Be familiar with basics and principles required for crude oil analysis
and testing equipments,

               • Receive technical knowledge for standard test procedures (IP and ASTM) required for crude oil testing,
               • Learn how to conduct crude oil sample analysis as per ASTM/IP standard test methods, and how to interpret and

                  validate and report the test results.
               • Be familiar with Preparing Standard Solutions Preparing Stock Solutions, Reagents Used as Standards.
               •  Learn how to obtain representative samples of crude oil using automatic and manual methods.
               • Learn how to maintain inventory, calibration and troubleshoot
equipment problems.

              • Learn how to maintain & operate lab equipment.
               • Learn how to perform calibration as per procedures and troubleshoot
minor equipment.

Who Should Attend?

             • Production Chemists
              • Lab Technician I
              • Lab Technician II

Course Contents:

              • Introduction to Laboratory Operations
               • Crude Oil History; Supply and Trading Patterns
               • Definitions and Terms
               • Quality Variations and Their Causes
               • The Complexities of Crude Oil Composition

              • Basics of Crude Oil Processing Evaluation
               • Fundamental of Analytical Chemistry
               • Classification of Modern Analytical Methods
               • Analytical Methodology
               • Numbers in Analytical Chemistry

               • Fundamental Units of Measure in SI
               • Common Prefixes for Exponential Notation
               • Instrumentation for Measuring Mass
               • Equipment for Drying Samples
               • Steps involved in preparing solutions from pure solids

              • Units for Expressing Concentration
               • How Do We Express Concentrations of Solutions?
               • Common Units in trace analysis
               • Grades of Chemicals
               • Analyzing and Reporting Results

               • The most common of global standard methods
               • Sampling Protocols
               • Sampling Containers and Sample Integrity
               • Laboratory Analysis Exercise
               • Tour of a Petroleum Testing Laboratory or Marine Terminal

              • Maintain & operate lab equipment
               • Perform calibration as per procedures and troubleshoot minor equipment.
• Problems (those not requiring OEM/supplier resolution)., etc.
               • Crude Oil Inter laboratory Crosscheck Program (Methods Used, Test Order, Reporting Requirements)
               • Crude Oil Characterization and Analytical Test Method Requirements

               • Principles and Practice of Oilfield Sampling
               • Principles and Practice of Oil in Water Analysis
               • Crude Oil Analysis (Bottom Sediment & Water BS &W - Salt
Content S.C. - API, Density & Gravity)