Boilers & Steam Turbines, System, Maintenance & Troubleshooting

Course Properties

Course date: 31-12-2017
Course End Date: 04-01-2018
Location Sharm El-Sheikh

Course Objective:

               At the end of this program, participants will:
                 • Have an understanding of the different types of steam turbines and boilers.
                 • Be able to operate steam turbines and boilers as close as possible to the design efficiency.
                 • Be able to monitor steam turbines and boilers efficiency, availability and reliability.
                 • Have learnt about selection, operation and maintenance strategies.
                 • Be able to troubleshoot steam turbines and boilers problems.


Who Should Attend:

        Engineers and Technicians involved with maintenance programs and are responsible for day to day servicing and operational efficiency. Also plant and maintenance engineers, process engineers and maintenance managers. May also be invaluable to supervisors who are involved in steam turbines and boilers maintenance schedules.


Course Contents:

                 • Introduction
                 • Why mechanical drive steam turbines are applied
                 • Steam turbine fundamentals
                 • Over view of steam turbine types & controls
                 • The formation of steam

                 • Steam turbine classification
                 • Type of Steam Turbine
                 • Classification of Steam Turbine
                 • Steam Turbine selection criteria  
                 • Optimum techniques for mechanical selection

                 • Steam Turbine mechanical design features  
                 • Impulse & Reaction Steam Turbine in Design & selection  
                 • Steam Turbine implication
                 • Industrial applications of Steam Turbine
                 • Steam Turbine characteristics operation

                 • Steam Turbine efficiency & the effective parameters
                 • Steam Turbine drives & varying configurations
                 • Vulnerability of Steam Turbine
                 • General issue on trade-offs of cost VS maintainability
                 • Failure analysis in Steam Turbine

                 • Optimum approaches for process plant machinery  
                 • Turbine casing & major stationary components 
                 • Casing design & steam admission sections
                 • Steam turbine diaphragms & labyrinth packing
                 • Bearing for mechanical drive turbines

                 • Rotors for Impulse & Reaction turbines
                 • Turbine blade design overview
                 • Turbine Auxiliaries
                 • Boiler
                 • Properties of boiler materials

                 • Strength of shell
                 • Boiler fixtures & attachments
                 • Boiler accessories  
                 • Boiler operation
                 • Boiler repairs

                 • Governors & control systems
                 • Governor system terminology
                 • NEMA classifications
                 • PG Governors & electronic governors
                 • Steam turbine accessories

                 • Boiler feed pump
                 • Economizers  
                 • Feed water & deaeration, treatment methods, regulator
                 • Injectors & safety valves
                 • Troubleshooting & Maintenance

                 • Consideration of turbine steam path maintenance strategy
                 • Steam path component alignment and stage spatial requirements
                 • Steam path damage induced by water
                 • Operational events giving rise to steam path damage
                 • Steam oath damage and deterioration from material property degradation 
and contaminants

                 • Operating damage mechanisms and refurbishment techniques for 
stationary components

                      and rotating blades
                 • Seals, glands and sealing system
                 • Quality assurance for replacement and refurbished steam-turbine components
                 • The manufacture and inspection requirements of steam turbine blades