Steam System Management and Optimization

Course Properties

Course date: 17-12-2017
Course End Date: 21-12-2017
Location Sharm El-Sheikh

Program Objectives:
                • To understand a range of steam system management and optimization techniques and their implication to the operational organization.
                • To acquire the ability to design and maintenance plan for the upkeep and statutory inspections of steam system.
                • To understand statutory regulation applied to steam system.
                • To acquire a practical approach to apply the inspection, monitoring and repair techniques.


Program Outlines:
               • Steam system management.
               •  Compressor and turbine performance and operation.
               • Pressure vessels and piping.
               • Boilers.
               • Maintenance project planning.
               • Cost / benefits analysis.


Who Should Attend:

                • Engineers.


Daily Course Plan & Contents:
                • Introduction and basic concept
                • Thermodynamics and energy
                • Steam management and its importance
                • The use of steam
                • The steam plant cycles
                • Energy conversion and general energy analysis
                • Forms of energy
                                  o Energy transfer by heat
                                  o Energy transfer by work

                • Case studies & Workshop
                • Properties of pure substances (water)
                • Phase of pure substances
                • Property diagrams for phase-change processes (from water to steam)
                • Property tables

                • Boilers, pressure vessels and piping
                • Fundamentals of steam generator
                • Fire tube boilers
                • Water tube boilers
                • Steam -water separation

                • Super-heaters
                • Superheat system temperature control
                • Heat recovery equipment
                • Operation and maintenance of boilers
                • Case studies & Workshop
                • Types of compressors
                                  o  Reciprocating compressors
                                  o  Screw compressors
                                  o  Scroll compressors
                                  o Rotary compressors
                                  o Centrifugal compressors

                • Factors affecting compressors performance
                • Selection of compressors
                • Control devices for compressors
                • Capacity control for compressors
                • Case studies & Workshop

                • Fundamentals of steam turbine power plants
                • Steam turbine Rankine cycle
                • Deviation for the ideal component efficiency
                • Reheat and reheat cycles
                • Closed feed water heaters.

                • Open feed water heaters.
                • Capital cost and benefits analysis.
                • Maintenance of steam cycle
                • Principles of steam turbine operation
                • Impulse and Reaction turbine

                • Maintenance of steam turbines
                • Practical Questions and Answers
                • Final Test
                • Evaluation