Safety Relief Systems

Course Properties

Course date: 19-11-2017
Course End Date: 23-11-2017
Location Cairo

 Course Objectives:

          At the end of the course, participants will have:        

             * Developed their existing understanding of Safety Relief Systems.
             * Understood the construction, the arc extinguishing principles of Safety Relief Systems.
             * Expanded their knowledge of Relief Devices Design and Sizing.
             * Acquired the skills and practical knowledge to identify the requirements for Relief Valve

             * Understood the main problems associated with Safety Relief Systems.
             * Developed their existing understanding of Special Relief  System Considerations.
             * Updated their knowledge of the Applicable Codes, Standards, and  Recommended Practices.  

Who Shoud Attend :

         Engineers & highly qualified technicians working in plants .        

Course contents :

                • Relief Device Design.
                • Reliving Devices.
                                  * Conventional Relief Valves
                                  * Balanced Relief Valves
                                  * Pilot Operated Relief Valves.

                • Rupture Disk.
                • Sizing of Relief Devices
                                  * Sizing for Gas or Vapor Relief
                                  * Sizing for Steam Relief
                                  * Sizing for liquid Relief
                                  * Sizing for Thermal Relief
                                  * Sizing for Mixed Phase Relief. 

                • Relief Valve Installation
                                  * Inlet Piping
                                  * Discharge Piping
                                  * Resonant Chatter.

                • Relief System Piping Design
                                  * Grouping of Systems
                                  * Load Determination
                                  * Back Pressure Consideration

                • Sizing Methods.
                • Knockout Drums
                                  * Sizing.
                • Flare Systems
                                  * Types
                                  * Thermal Radiation
                                  * Pilots and Ignition
                                  * Location and Regulations.

                • Special Relief System Considerations
                                  * Fired Heaters
                                  * Pumps
                                  * Vessels and Tanks
                                  * Compressors
                                  * Low Temperature Flaring.

                • Applicable Codes, Standards, and Recommended Practices.