Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC)

Course Properties

Course date: 19-11-2017
Course End Date: 23-11-2017
Location Cairo

Course Objective:

        Participants will be able to:
              • Identify the process flow of the UOP FCC Process
              • Describe UOP FCC technology
              • Understand methods for product selectivity
              • Compare and contrast the effect of feedstocks
              • Reference descriptions of the process flow and equipment, process control, analytical procedures, maintenance

                 procedures, metallurgy, and safety.


Who Should Attend:  

     This course is designed for process engineers and operations personnel who work with the FCC unit or supervise those who do.


Course Contents:

                   • Process flow and control
                   • Fluidization
                   • Equipment
                   • Maintenance
                   • Corrosion and fouling
                   • Modern FCC catalysts
                   • Catalyst management
                   • FCC heat balance
                   • Process variables
                   • Operating procedures
                   • Troubleshooting
                   • Advances in FCC technology
                   • Optimization