Piping Systems Operation, Maintenance, & Troubleshooting

Course Properties

Course date: 05-11-2017
Course End Date: 09-11-2017
Location Sharm El-Sheikh

Course Objective:

              • To provide clear understanding of the key aspects of piping systems including operation, maintenance, failure prevention,

                  and troubleshooting.
              • To provide practical and effective methods and guidelines to assist in achieving cost-effective operation and maintenance of

                  piping systems with high technical integrity
              • To develop skills in troubleshooting and improving existing piping systems.

              • Participants will learn
                                        How to specify proper components for process and utility applications
                                        To compare alternative materials of construction
                                        Joining methods and inspection techniques
                                        Key considerations for flare and vent systems, including PSV sizing


Who Should Attend:

     project engineers, plant and facilities engineers, consultants, mechanical engineers, maintenance and operations personnel and other technical personnel who need to update their current knowledge of piping systems operation, maintenance, troubleshooting, and failure prevention in the chemical , petroleum, petrochemical industry.


Course Contents:

                    • Piping Systems Operations
                                          Overview of Piping Systems Design
                                          Operability and Maintainability Considerations
                                          Change of Control Management
                                          Operating Strategies and procedures
                                          Operator Qualifications and training
                                          Operating Limitations, Problems and Solutions
                                          Pigging Operation (Types of Pigs-Launcher & Receiver).


                    • Piping Systems Maintenance
                                          Maintenance Practices and Procedures
                                          Regulations, Codes, and Practices for Inspection, Testing, and repair
                                          Evaluation of Inspection Data
                                          Repairs and Modifications
                                          Rating


                    • Piping Failures and Failure Prevention
                                          Piping Failures
                                          Estimation of Consequence of Piping Failure
                                          Fitness-for-Service Assessment and Life Extension
                                          Troubleshooting Piping Systems
                                          Testing and Monitoring
                                          Failure prevention


                    • Piping Systems Troubleshooting
                                          Compressors Troubleshooting
                                          Pumps Troubleshooting
                                          Flowmeters Troubleshooting
                                          Relief System Troubleshooting