Troubleshooting of Oil & Water Processing Units

Course Properties

Course date: 05-11-2017
Course End Date: 09-11-2017
Location Cairo


          By the end of this program, participants will have:

               • Developed their existing Understanding of Surface Equipment Facilities

               • Understood the Construction, the Arc Extinguishing Principles of Surface Production Facilities Operations


               • Expanded their knowledge of the Separation, Dehydration processing

               • A Learn  basic Operational Troubleshooting.( Perform Trouble shooting of Water Processing Units.)   


               • Learn basic Operational Troubleshooting.( Perform Trouble shooting of Crude Processing Units.)

               • Participate basic incident root cause analysis & take action (Perform Root cause analysis for all operating parameters

                   and implement corrective actions to optimize production .and maintain quality)


               • Acquire the Skills and Practical Knowledge to Identify The requirements for Safety Aspects

               • Developed their existing Understanding of Surface Equipment Facilities Troubleshooting

Course Methodology

               • Power point presentation

               • Practical exercises

               • Cases studies

               • Open discussion


                                  Field Operators


               • Separators & Separation

                                Types of Separators

                                Component Parts of Separator

                                Operating Problems

                                Separator Sizing

                                Operational problems and solving

                                Perform root cause analysis

               • Piping & Measurements

                                Piping Design and Selection

                                Piping Materials

                                Oil Measurement

                                Measurement troubleshooting

               • Water handling  and Injection Process

                                Types of oilfield water

                                Water source

                                Water problems

                                Water Injection Treatment

                                Water Injection Pumping Station

                                Pressure Drop Calculations

                                Water processing units troubleshooting

                                Root cause analysis for the operational parameters

               • Oil Treatment

                                Dehydration  

                                Desalting

                                Chemicals for Demulsification

                                Crude Oil Washing Equipments

                                Chemical dose optimization

                                Chemical troubleshooting

               • Valves Types & Principles of Operations

               • Safety Aspects

                                Flare System

                                Gas Conversion & Flaring Minimization  

                                Control System

               • Production Operation  

                                Surface Facilities

                                Crude Oil Separation

                                Sub. Centers Operation & Design

                                Crude Oil Emulsion Chemist eristic & Solution

              • Root Cause Analysis for Processing Units

                                Operational parameters identifications

                                Operational parameters relationship

                                Effect of each parameter on the operation

                                Root cause analysis procedures

                                Root cause analysis feedback

                                How to take action to solve the problems