Feasibility Studies for New Projects

Course Properties

Course date: 17-12-2017
Course End Date: 21-12-2017
Location Cairo

Course Objective:

   The decision to implement any new project or program must be based on a thorough analysis of the current operation.  In addition, the impact of implementation of the proposed project/program on the future operation of the project.   Such an analysis would be critical in making a final decision on whether to progress and how that progression should occur. A feasibility study provides the process for this analysis.

Who Should Attend:

     Accontants, auditors, financial controllers, financial managers, and new staff  who are involved in the field.

. Course Contents:

               • This course will focus on several aspects of a feasibility study:
                                 o What is a feasibility study?
                                 o Definition/purpose of a feasibility study
                                 o Who conducts the feasibility study
                                 o Components of a feasibility study for a new project.
                                 o Pre-Feasibility Study

                                 o Develop a project team
                                 o Identify a lead consultant for the project
                                 o Prepare schematic design
                                 o Prepare design drawings
                                 o Obtain construction cost estimates

                                 o Review design with city/county planning and zoning officials
                                 o Consult with city/county health department about design/plans
                                 o Start construction documents
                                 o Complete construction documents

             •  Feasibility Study vs. Business Plan
                                 o Reasons to Do a Feasibility Study
                                 o Market Feasibility
                                 o Industry description
                                 o Industry competitiveness
                                 o Market potential

                                 o Sales projection
                                 o Determine facility needs
                                 o Availability and suitability of site
                                 o Estimate the total capital requirements
                                 o Estimate equity and credit needs

                                 o Budget expected costs and returns of various alternatives
                                 o Business structure
                                 o Business founder
                                 o Study Conclusions
                                 o Conduct the study

                                 o Idea identification and clarification
                                 o Study assumptions
                                 o Who conducts the study
                                 o How to review the study
                                 o Accepting the completed study

                                 o Implementing an accepted study