Financial Analysis & Decision Making

Course Properties

Course date: 10-12-2017
Course End Date: 14-12-2017
Location Cairo

Course Description & Objectives:

Locked inside the language of financial analysis are the keys to understanding your toughest business problems. Financial Analysis and Decision Making translates that language, showing you how to use the financial elements of your business to solve common problems, improve all-important cash flow, and dramatically enhance your company's competitive positioning and profitability.

Whether you are a veteran of finance or a nonfinancial manager charged with improving your firm's financial performance, this all-encompassing program will explain the meaning and value of today's most important financial tools including:

         • Income statements, balance sheets, and statements of cash flows—the foundations of financial analysis
         • How to use ratios and other performance measures to detect problems and isolate their root causes
         • Methods for evaluating proposed capital projects, and the strengths and weaknesses of each

More than just presenting these tools and techniques, Financial Analysis and Decision Making plainly states the rationales behind each and explains how to integrate them into everyday decision-making. You will learn about the factors that drive interest rates and, subsequently, the yields required to induce outside investments. Budgets are transformed from necessary nuisances into essential devices for managing operations on an ongoing basis.


 Explanations of standard deviation show you how to use this all-important measure to forecast outcomes and set strategic goals.

   Cash is oxygen to your company, and proper financial analysis ensures that your supply of oxygen will never be cut off. You will also learn what the numbers really -mean, and how you can use them to improve your skills for both gathering pertinent information and solving a myriad of business problems, with the comprehensive and comprehensible Financial Analysis and Decision Making.


Who Should Attend:

          Senior managers, managers, accountants, staff involved in the decision-making process, and staff involved in the budgeting process.


Course Contents:

                   • Financial Statements and Accounting Concepts
                   • Financial Ratios and Other Measures of Performance
                   • Factors Determining Interest Rates and Required Debt Yields
                   • Forecasting Yield and Risk
                   • Time Value of Money

                   • Bond Valuation
                   • Leases
                   • Stock Valuation
                   • Cost of Capital
                   • Capital Budgeting

                   • Cash Flow Estimation for Capital Budgeting
                   • Product Costing
                   • Break-Even Analysis and Modeling
                   • Working Capital and Cash Budgeting
                   • Master Budgets and Variance Analysis 

                   • Pricing Theory
                   • Advanced Cost Concepts and Allocation of Resources
                   • Labor Costs