Essential Skills for Professional Financial Managers

Course Properties

Course date: 26-11-2017
Course End Date: 30-11-2017
Location Sharm El-Sheikh

Course Objective:

          By the end of the program, participants will be able to:

            * Gain knowledge of essential skills to enhance their ability to run the Finance Department.
            * Manage finance functions in an organized and professional manner.
            * Understand the reporting requirements for the Finance Department.
            * Become skilled at important personal organization, staffing and time management skills.
            * Apply finance policies and procedures to add-value and communicate effectively with other departments.


Who Should Attend:

   Financial managers, financial controllers, finance department heads, chief financial officers, accounting managers, and senior finance officers.


Course Contents:

                 The Macro Finance Picture

                                     *  Vision and Goals
                                     *  The Purpose of the Finance / Accounting Function

                 Managing the Financial Functions

                                     *  Managing Assets and Liabilities
                                     *  Customers and Vendors

                 Providing Financial Information

                                     *  Financial Statements and Budgetary Reports
                                     *  Other Internal Reports

                 Personal Organization and Time Management

                                     *  Staffing and Supervisory Structure
                                     *  Delegation and Priorities
                                     *  Meetings, Meetings, Meetings
                                     *  Peak Performance Time

                 Staffing the Finance Function

                                    *  Hiring the Best
                                    *  Communication Skills
                                    *  Evaluating Staff Performance
                                    *  Motivation, Compensation and Perks

                Organizing the Accounting Function

                                    *  Teamwork
                                    *  Organization Types
                                    *  Cross Training and Backup
                                    *  Scheduling the Monthly Accounting Cycle

                 Finance's Role Within the Organization

                                    *  Operational, Financial and Administrative Goals
                                    *  To Plan or Not to Plan
                                    *  Special Projects

                Policies and Procedures

                                    *  Purposes of the Policies and Procedures Manual
                                    *  Communicating Financial Policies
                                    *  General Procedures