Analysis of Financial Strategies & Cash Flows

Course Properties

Course date: 12-11-2017
Course End Date: 16-11-2017
Location Sharm El-Sheikh

Course Objective:

  The main objective of the course is to provide participants with the tools and skills necessary to analyze the financial information of the organization and assess the financial position.

         By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

           • Analyze the financial strategy of the organization.
           • Analyze the factors affecting the performance of the organization.
           • Analyze the assets & investments of the organization.
           • Use the Microsoft’s software in analyzing the financial strategy.


Who Should Attend:

            • CFOs & Observers,
            • Financial Analysts,
            • Internal Auditors,
            • Decision Makers of Investment, Procurement & Finance.

Course Contents:

            • Introduction to Financial Analysis

                            The concept of financial analysis (types & importance)
                             Basic financial statements and its importance in the decision-making process
                            Financial analysis of the financial statements

            • Analysis of Financial Strategies

                            Cash flow strategy
                            Investment strategy
                            Profitability strategy
                            Operating strategy
                            Funding strategy
                            Growth Strategy

           • Analysis of factors affecting the performance of companies

                            Cash flow analysis and its importance
                            Horizontal financial analysis using electronic worksheets
                            Vertical financial analysis using electronic worksheets
                            Financial Ratios (types,  importance, and its electronically calculation process)

          • Analysis of Assets & Investments

                            Analysis of current assets management
                            Analysis of the long-term financial position
                            Methods and concepts of the time value of money
                            Evaluation of capital investments
                            Important tables and diagrams for financial analysis purposes using the worksheets

         • The use of Microsoft's Software in the Analysis of Strategies
         • Workshop & Case Study.