Cost Management: Strategies for Business Decisions

Course Properties

Course date: 22-10-2017
Course End Date: 26-10-2017
Location Sharm El-Sheikh

 Course Objective:

             By the end of the program, participants will be able to:

              *  Learn the importance of analyzing and managing costs.
              *  Understand Activity-Based Management – ABM.
              *  Appreciate the importance of process costing and cost allocation.
              *  Develop important tools for planning and decision making.
              *  Evaluate and manage performance through strategic cost management.


 Who Should Attend:

    Financial managers/directors, accountants, financial assistants, budget accountants, analysts, budget and planning managers and coordinators, operations managers, facilities managers, and any professional interested in cost control.


 Course Contents:

            Setting the Strategic Foundation: The Importance of Analyzing and Managing Costs
                              * Cost Management
                              * Product Costing Systems: Concepts and Design Issues
                              * Cost Accumulation for Job-Shop and Batch Production Operations

            Activity-Based Management

                             * Activity-Based Costing Systems – ABC
                             * Activity-Management Management – ABM
                             * Managing Customer Profitability
                             * Managing Quality and Time to Create Value

            Process Costing and Cost Allocation

                             * Process-Costing Systems
                             * Joint-Process Costing
                             * Managing and Allocating Support-Service Costs

            Planning and Decision Making

                             * Cost Estimation
                             * Financial and Cost-Volume-Profit Models
                             * Cost Management and Decision Making
                             * Sategic Issues in Making Investment Decisions
                             * Budgeting and Financial Planning

           Evaluating and Managing Performance

                             * Standard Costing, Variance Analysis, and Kaizen Costing
                             * Flexible Budget, Overhead Cost Management, and Activity-Based Budgeting
                             * Transfer Pricing
                             * Strategy, Balanced Scorecards, and Incentive Systems