Intermediate Accounting - Managing Business Transactions

Course Properties

Course date: 08-10-2017
Course End Date: 12-10-2017
Location Sharm El-Sheikh

Course Objective :
By the end of the program, participants will be able to:
                • Understand the balance sheet and financial disclosures.
                • Learn the importance of the income statement and statement of cash flow.
                • Have a clear comprehension of asset measurement and recognition.
                • Analyze and understand various investment classes.
                • Perform liability and equity measurements and disclosures.


Who Should Attend:
                • Professionals in the field of finance & accounting.


Course Contents:
                • Review of Accounting Process
                                  o Analyze Routine Transactions
                                  o Basic Financial Statements
                • The Balance Sheet and Financial Disclosures
                                  o Current and Non-current Assets and Liabilities
                                  o Balance Sheet Asset Classifications
                                  o Propose of Financial Statement Disclosures
                                  o Management Discussion and Analysis Disclosure
                                  o Audit and Audit Report

               •  The Income Statement and Statement of Cash Flows
                                  o Income from Continuing Operations
                                  o Discontinued Operations
                                  o Extraordinary Items
                                  o Changes in Accounting Principle
                                  o Estimates and Correction of Errors
                                  o Statement of Cash Flows

                • Qualities of Excellent Presentation
                                  o Characteristics of Good Presenter

                • Asset Measurement and Recognition
                                  o Cash, Receivables, Inventories, and Fixed Assets

                • Investments
                                  o Trading Securities
                                  o Available-For-Sale
                                  o Held-To-Maturity

                • Liabilities Measurement and Recognition
                                  o Current Liabilities
                                  o Long-Term Liabilities

                • Shareholders' Equity
                                  o Issuance of Shares
                                  o Retired Shares and Treasury Shares
                                  o Stock Dividends and Stock Splits