Financial Analysis and Budgeting

Course Properties

Course date: 24-09-2017
Course End Date: 28-09-2017
Location Cairo

Course Objective:

   This course outlines the process for effective financial planning, including where to start, what types of budgets to prepare, and how to make budgeting a value-added activity. The objective of the course is to provide guidance for the user on how to do financial planning. The course is designed for users with a working knowledge of budgeting who want to improve their current practices. The course focuses on three stages of budgeting analysis.    The purpose of the course is to introduce new concepts and ideas that will improve capital budgeting; such as option pricing and post audit analysis. 


Who Should Attend:

     Accontants, auditors, financial controllers, financial managers, and new staff  who are involved in the field.

Course Contents:

               • Introduction to Professional Practice
               • Core Concepts of Accounting Information
               • Introduction to Business Information Technology
               • Manufacturing Account
               • Partnership Accounts
               • Limited Companies
               • Cash Budgets
               • Marginal Costing and Break Even Analysis
               • Interpretation of Accounts and Stock Market Ratios
               • Income Tax on Trading Profits
               • Introduction to Consolidated Accounts
               • Advanced Corporate Finance
               • Analysis of Industry and Competition
               • Behavioral Finance
               • Equity Investment Management
               • Financial Analysis of Mergers and Complex Restructurings
               • Financial Engineering and Risk Management
               • Financial Markets and Economic Performance
               • Financing the Entrepreneurial Business
               • Fixed Income Securities
               • International Financial Analysis
               • New Venture Finance .