Electrical Power Distribution Systems

Course Properties

Course date: 03-12-2017
Course End Date: 07-12-2017
Location Dubai

Course Objective:

   Provide participants with the necessary information and knowledge the enables them to design install and inspect electrical power distribution systems.


Who Should Attend:

         Electrical Engineers and experienced Technicians .

Course Contents:

                  • System of electrical power distribution.
                  • Main components of distribution system.
                  • Load characteristics.
                  • Demand and demands factors.
                  • Utilization and diversity factors.
                  • Maximum demand.
                  • Connected, load factors growth.
                  • Distribution transformers.
                  • Distribution substation.
                  • Substation bus schemes.
                  • Rating of a distribution substation system.
                  • Power loss calculation distribution systems.
                  • Voltage drop, power factor improvement, power loss and voltage regulation.
                  • Distribution system protection and fault types.
                  • Types of cables for underground distribution systems.