Advanced Ergonomics, Tools for Practical Application

Course Properties

Course date: 19-11-2017
Course End Date: 23-11-2017
Location Sharm El-Sheikh

 Program Objective:     

                * The participants will be able to list the important reasons why objective research does exist to support ergonomic evaluation

                   and intervention for MSDs.
               * The participants will demonstrate their understanding of the appropriate use of and application  of risk / physical demand

                  evaluation tools for quantitative measurement in ergonomics.
               * The participants will be able to list five Ergonomic Measurements tools for persons with MSDs
               * Participants will demonstrate a thorough knowledge of tools, evaluation techniques and application to specific industrial settings

                  through scenario based group learning and presentations.

Who Should Attend:

                      * Ergonomics Program Managers
                      * Ergonomic Teams
                      * Industrial Hygienists
                      * Physical Therapists
                      * Occupational Therapists
                      * Certified Athletic Trainers
                      * Rehabilitation Engineers.

 Course Contents:

                    * Introductions
                    * Ergonomic Risk Factors
                    * Musculoskeletal Disorders
                    * Scientific evidence relating risk factors to MSDs.
                    * Tools used to Quantify Ergonomic Risks

                    * Ergonomic Standards and Guidelines
                    * Principles of Math and Physics to Quantify Ergonomic Risk
                    * Practical applications of Anthropometrics
                    * Application Snook Tables
                    * Application Manual Handling Tables

                    * Application, Pros/Cons of Standardized Checklists
                    * Application of RPE & CR10 Scales
                    * NIOSH Equation
                    * Bloswick’s Low Back Compression Force
                    * Bloswick’s Shoulder Moment

                    * Summary of Tool Use and Application
                    * Scenario Based Ergonomic Analysis and Problem Solving
                    * Integration of course tools learned