Best Practices for Site Supervision (BPSS)

Course Properties

Course date: 12-11-2017
Course End Date: 16-11-2017
Location Sharm El-Sheikh

    The training program Best Practices for Site Supervision (BPSS) serves to outline some good industry practices that the developer, builder, site supervisor (SS) and qualified persons have adopted in carrying out site supervision of structural works. It is meant to be a complete showcase on how the site supervision is to be carried out at site.

Course Objectives:
    The objectives of the BPSS are to ensure that a high standard of site supervision in construction is systematically carried out by the project parties, namely, the developer, builder, site supervisor and qualified persons to safeguard the structural integrity of the building, and to enhance construction productivity of a development project. To meet the objectives, the project parties must play their roles diligently through the following broad frameworks of the BPSS.
              • To set out good industry practices for construction to ensure safe buildings are built
              • To motivate the site supervisor work closely with the builder, developer and qualified persons to enhance 

                 construction productivity
             • To reward the site supervisor for achieving high quality and safety standard of building


Designed For:
             • Construction Site Engineers & Supervisors
             • Construction Project Managers
             • Construction Team Leaders


Course Contents:
             Day 1:
                Planning for Construction Works
                     • Role of Builder
                               Early Involvement for Constructability of Building Design
                               Conduct Pre-construction Survey on Adjacent Building Properties
                               Produce Shop Drawings for Ease of Construction

                     • Role of Qualified Person
                                Carry out Risk Assessment on Adjacent Building Properties
                              Prioritize Alternative Building Design for Plan Approval
                              Briefing to Site Supervisor
                              Briefing to Builder
                              Engage Additional Site Staff for Night-shift Works

                    • Role of Developer
                             Provide Adequate Number of Soil Boreholes for Foundation Design
                             Engage More Site Supervisor for Complex Development Project

          Day 2:
              Execution for Construction Works
                    • Role of Builder
                             Compliance with Approved Structural Plans
                             Compliance with Workmanship Standard
                             Prepare Monthly Site Inspection Schedule
                             Engage Construction Supervisor
                             Engage a Professional Engineer for the Design of Falsework
                             Notification of Contravention of Building Works

                 • Role of Site Supervisor
                             Construction Works Deviated from Approved Structural Plans
                             Detection of Construction Irregularities
                             Minimize Abortive Construction Works
                             Adhere to Site Inspection Schedule
                             Ensuring Falsework is Safe for Use and Dismantling

                • Role of Qualified Person
                             Safeguard Construction Works to Meet Design Specification
                             Compliance with the Building Regulations
                             Checklists for Construction of Complex Structures
                             Conduct Essential Tests on Building Materials
                             Implement Instrumentation Monitoring Measures
                             Verification of Soil Parameters for Design of Piles
                             Steel Frames/Precast Structures Fabricated Off Site

                • Role of Developer
                             Avoid Amendment to Approved Building Design

        Day 3:
          Completion of Construction Works
                 • Role of Builder
                             Submission of Certification of Completion of Construction

                 • Role of Site Supervisor
                             Check the Completed Construction Works

                • Role of Qualified Person
                             Collaborate with Architect for TOP/CSC Application Workman Standard for Structural Work

                • Reinforced Concrete Structure
                             Formworks
                             Formwork dimensions and openings for services
                             Alignment, plumb and level
                             Condition of formwork, props & bracing
                             Reinforcement (cast-in-situ & precast)

                             Main & secondary rebars
                             Anchorages & lap lengths
                             Cover provision
                             Links, stirrups and trimming bars
                             Rebar Condition

                             Finished Concrete (cast-in-situ & precast)
                             Dimension for elements/opening for services
                             Alignment, plumb and level
                             Exposed surface
                             Precast Specific Requirements

                             Lifting points/inserts
                             Sleeve system/connections Interface/joint requirements
                             Cast-in steel items/welded & bolted connections
                             Structure Quality

                             Concrete cube test
                             Reinforcement
                             Non-destructive testing
                             Ultra Pulse Velocity test for Concrete Uniformity
                             Electro-Cover meter test for concrete cover

       Day 4:
              Workman Standard for Structural Work (Cont.)
                   • Structural Steelworks
                             Main member/Partial assembled component
                             Physical dimensions
                             Type and condition
                             Welding
                             Bolting

                             Metal decking
                             Type and condition
                             Shear studs
                             Lapping and deck openings
                             Erection tolerances

                             Column verticality
                             Column position
                             Beam level
                             Beam position
                             Welding test reports

        Day 5:
             Workman Standard for Structural Work (Cont.)
                  • Pre-Stressing of Concrete
                             Condition of tendons & anchorages
                             Installation of sheathing
                             Stressing & Grouting process
                             Debonding

                  • Foundation Works
                             Shallow foundation
                             Setting out
                             Safety of excavation
                             Trial Pits
                             Excavated material

                             Backfilling material
                             Piling Works
                             Setting out
                             Piling method
                             Piling performance criteria

                             Install Instruments
                             Testing piles
                  • Performance Bonus Upon Certification (example)