Handling Hazardous Materials Awareness

Course Properties

Course date: 22-10-2017
Course End Date: 26-10-2017
Location Sharm El-Sheikh

Course Objective:

         To provide participants with guidance in the safe and proper storage and handling of Hazardous


        To learn some of the current common pollution prevention techniques being used by industry


        To assist the participants in obtaining a better appreciation and awareness of Handling

            Hazardous Materials

        To improve the participants’ skills in managing the industrial hazardous waste

        To ensure that each participant will know how to obtain environmental performance

           improvement through the implementation of ISO 14001

Course Description:

       Hazardous Material program meets world standards; candidates should recognize presence of

            Hazardous Materials & Reporting Hazards.

       The program is designed for emergency responders, who are responsible for confined space

            entries, supervising confined space operations.

       Candidates will be able to:

       Identify confined space & recognize its potential hazards.

       Cover the legal standards that require training confined space programs & duties of personnel.

Who Should Attend:

         Chemical Engineers

         Emergency Response Personnel

         Fire Fighters

         Paramedics

         Health, Safety, and Environmental Managers

         Staff responsible for managing hazardous materials

         Laboratory Technicians

         Staff wishing to reduce risk and liability arising from polluting events

         Technical assistants and anyone who has a role to play in environmental matters of the


Course Contents:

         What is a Hazardous Material?

         Classification of a Hazardous Materials

         Flammable liquid

         Flammable solid

         Oxidizer


         Corrosive

         Organic Peroxide

         Poison

         Explosive

         Compressed Gas


         Cryogenics

         Radioactive

         Biomedical

         Hazardous Materials Awareness – Level I.

         Hazardous Materials EMS Operations – Level 2


         Response to Carbon Monoxide Incidents:

         Hazards of Carbon Monoxide

         Effects of Carbon Monoxide & Detection procedures.

         Confined Space Awareness.

         Confirmed Space Operations.


         Storage of Hazardous Materials

         Handling Hazardous Materials

         Protective Measures

         Spill Procedures

         First Aid Procedures for Hazardous Materials


         Disposal of Hazardous Materials

         Management of Industrial Hazardous Waste

         Introduction to ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System) and what it can and cannot do

         The elements of ISO 14001 and its relationship with ISO 9001 (Quality Management System)

         Some typical Hazardous Waste Regulations and the need for harmonization


         Life Cycle Management of Hazardous Wastes

         The importance of documentation in hazardous waste management

         Consideration for major incidents, contingency planning and recommended corrective actions


         Discussion of some major preventable accidents

         The importance of on-going training and simulated accidents

         The importance of regular review of emergency plans