Electrical Transformer, Power System Switch Gears Testing & Maintenance

Course Properties

Course date: 22-10-2017
Course End Date: 26-10-2017
Location Sharm El-Sheikh

Course  Objectives:

        At the end of the course, participants will have:    

           * Developed their existing understanding of electrical transformers and power system switch gears their important role in power

                  networks and the principles of appropriate selection
           * Understood the construction, the arc extinguishing principles of different types of electrical

                 transformers and power system switch gears currently in use and the relevance to operations and maintenance.
           * Expanded their knowledge on electrical transformers and power system switch gears standards and the relevance to specifications

                 and procurement.
           * Acquired the skills and practical knowledge to identify the Power Transformers in general service
           * Understood the main problems associated with Power Transformers Operation  & Maintenance and 
the latest design and

                constructional techniques to improve reliability   .

Who Should Attend :

               * Electrical power engineers and highly qualified technicians working in the industrial establishment and substations.
               * Engineers and Technicians involved with maintenance programs and are responsible for day to 
day servicing and operational efficiency.
               * Also plant and maintenance engineers, process engineers and maintenance managers.
               * May also be invaluable to supervisors who are involved in Power Transformers maintenance schedules. .

Course Contents:

             FIRST WEEK

                     Transformer Principles & Classification:
                                    * Transformers
                                    * Right Hand Rule
                                    * Magnetic Flux
                                    * Magnetic Induction
                                    * Left Hand Rule Turns Ratio
                                    * Transformers Losses
                                    * Transformers Types:
                                    * Service Classification
                                    * Instrument Transformers:-
                                    * Current
                                    * Potential                     Transformer Construction:
                                    * Magnetizing Circuits
                                    * Losses
                                    * Hysteresis
                                    * Eddy-Current Loss
                                    * Efficiency                     Transformer Maintenance:
                                    * Insulation Testing
                                    * High Potential Testing
                                    * Turns Ratio Testing
                                    * Polarity Testing
                                    * Power Factor
                                    * Excitation Current
                                    * DC Winding Resistance
                                    * Polarization Recovery
                                    * Insulation Fluid Dielectric

                                    * Dissolved Gas Analysis                   

            SECAND WEEK                                                                                                         

                     Power System Switch Gear Protection:
                                  * Non Directional Over Current Relays
                                  * Directional Over Current Relays
                                  * Station Battery Commissioning & Maintenance
                                  * Restricted Earth Fault Relays
                                  * Differential Protection
                                  * Distance Protection Emphasizing Numerical Features
                                  * CT Ration Changing Methods
                                  * Busbar & Local Breaker Backup Protection
                                  * Reactive Power Management, Capacitors Erection and Balancing Methods
                                  * Earthing Practies
                                  * SCADA
                                  * High voltage A. C. circuit
                                  * Air-break circuit breaker construction, technical aspects operation mechanism, miniature circuit breaker
                                  * Air blast circuit breaker construction technical aspects, and data of 245 K.V air blast circuit breaker maintenance.
                                  * Sulpher Hexa Fluriod (SF6) circuit breaker
                                  * Minimum oil circuit breaker
                                  * Vacuum circuit breaker
                                  * Testing of high voltage A.C circuit breakers
                                  * Maintenance of circuit breakers, safety installation of switchgear, method of checking.