Introduction to the Safe Operation of Marine & Offshore H.V Power Systems

Course Properties

Course date: 15-10-2017
Course End Date: 19-10-2017
Location Dubai


        This is an intermediate training program that requires a basic level of electrical knowledge. Upon successful completion of the course, candidates will be able to enter marine and offshore high voltage switch rooms and perform limited switching operations on high voltage equipment. They would be permitted to issue limited safety documents, e.g. isolation documents, but not to issue permits to work, sanction for test, etc.


          Electrical/non-electrical personnel required to carry out restricted HV switching operations with limited safety documents issuing responsibilities

         To introduce personnel to the basic concept of marine/offshore electrical power systems to enable them to enter substations/switch rooms to carry out restricted switching operations, monitoring the performance and condition of the system (including relay operation)in a safe and competent manner. The course is intended to provide knowledge and awareness of limited safety document issuing responsibilities.

Outline Contents:

                     • Safety requirements
                     • Electrical hazards and precautions
                     • Arrangement of high voltage substations/switch rooms
                     • Power generation in "island systems"
                     • Emergency conditions
                     • Philosophy of high voltage distribution
                     • Operation and safety features of switchgear
                     • Limited operational procedures
                     • High voltage safety rules
                     • Introduction to electrical protection
                     • Treatment of the system neutral
                     • Practical switching exercise (1)
                     • Case studies
                     • Course review