Construction Management & Project Execution

Course Properties

Course date: 08-10-2017
Course End Date: 12-10-2017
Location Sharm El-Sheikh

Course Objective:

         • An overview fundamental for productive and efficient construction management
         • Critical processes and procedures for managing and controlling a project's finances and resources
         • How to develop a Project Schedule/Financial Control Plan
         • Crucial criteria for staffing the different project functions
         • Operational management techniques which significantly contribute to successful project execution  
         • A critical insight into the most commonly used project contracts and their recurring problems


Who Should Attend:

     The most challenging problems facing the construction industry are the inadequate development, control and administration of construction contracts. Significant efficiencies and cost saving opportunities are missed due to a lack of control awareness and experience. Fortunately, the numerous troublesome and costly problem areas, which result from this lack of control and awareness, can be avoided if anticipated and resolved through application of construction management principles before award and during execution. This seminar will help answer these challenges. The seminar is particularly applicable in the current world-wide environment of marginal return projects, where optimum investment cost and control is of prime importance. It contains control guidelines, procedures and concepts that are fundamental to successful construction management It will be beneficial to all construction management personnel but is essential for Project Managers, Construction Managers, Project Engineers, Cost Engineers, and Planning Engineers. .


Course Contents:

           • Conflicts between the needs of the client, the needs of the project and  the needs of the project team
           • Relation between projects to the organization’s mission
           • Alternative ways of organizing projects
           • Construction Management Team, role and responsibility definition, budget and accounts, and change control procedures
           • Work Breakdown Structure

           • Project task relationships

           • Task time Durations

           • Critical Path Analysis (CPM)

           • Milestones and summary tasks

           • Lag and slack time

           • Resources Management
           • Project plan Optimization
           • Exercise using Project scheduling software. 
           • Cash Flow Forecasting
           • Cost Control Techniques

           • Practical Exercises
           • Procurement Routes  
           • Construction Contracts: bonds, insurance, payment certificates, change orders, etc.
           • Subcontractor Management