Handling the Emergencies in Oil Industries

Course Properties

Course date: 01-10-2017
Course End Date: 05-10-2017
Location Sharm El-Sheikh

Course Objective:

         At the end of the course, participants will have:
              • Developed their existing understanding of the Emergencies in Oil Industries
              • Understood the fire & explosion characteristics
              • Acquired the skills and practical knowledge of the handling of emergencies in drilling operations, production

                  phase, & oil and gas processing
              • Expanded their knowledge on fire and explosion fighting standards and the relevance to specifications
              • Acquired the skills and practical knowledge to identify the Basic requirements of safety fuel transportation and

              • Understood the basic skills of hazard and risk assessment .

Who Should Attend:

          Safety engineers and staff involved in oil industry .


Course Contents:

                              • General overview of petroleum industries
                              • Types of emergencies in oil industry
                              • Handling of exploration emergencies
                              •  Handling of emergencies in drilling operation
                              •  Handling of emergencies in production phase 
                              •  Handling of emergencies in oil  and gas processing
                              • Overview of the basic principles of fire and explosion.
                              • Fire characteristics.
                              • Characteristic of petroleum products.
                              • Chemistry fire.
                              • A tetrahedron fires.
                              • Stage of fire.
                              • Types of fire.

                              • Source of ignition.
                              • Explosion and explosives.
                              • Fire control.
                              • Fighting theory.
                              • Kind of fire extinguisher agents.
                              • Fire fighting tactics
                              • Fire fighting system.
                              • How to fight oil industrial fires.
                              • Contained oil fires.
                              • Liquefied petroleum gas fire.
                              • Fire pool.
                              • Vapor cloud.
                              • Floating roof tank fire.
                              • Boil over.
                              • Control and prevent crude oil tank fire.
                              • High vapor pressure fire.
                              • Case study
                              • Hazardous of Fuel Handling.
                              • Physical Hazard of Fuel.
                              • Fire Hazard.
                              • Explosion Hazard.
                              • Health Hazard of Fuel
                              • Safety Fuel Transportation & Transportation Management.
                              • Loading & unloading of Fuel.
                              • Personal Protective Equipment PPE
                              • Definition of risk management.
                              • Risk identification.
                              • Identification of hazard and assessment of overall risk.
                              • Hazard rating.
                              • Risk measurement & quantification.
                              • Risk management responses.