Practical Introduction to the Safe Operation of High & Low Voltage Switchgear

Course Properties

Course date: 01-10-2017
Course End Date: 05-10-2017
Location Sharm El-Sheikh

     This course is designed specifically for individuals with no previous experience in high voltage switching. It focuses on the practical (hands-on) element of switching and is predominately workshop rather than classroom based.

     Electrical/non-electrical personnel who require practical (hands-on) experience of switching high and low voltage switchgear prior to undertaking future authorization courses.

    To introduce personnel to the fundamental concepts of high voltage switching to enable them to familiarize themselves with operational protocols and potential physical constraints prior to receiving full authorization training.

Outline Contents:
                   • Operational procedures
                   • Single end drive motor isolations 
                   • 11/3.3kV transformer isolation
                   • 11/0.415kV transformer isolation
                   • Ring mains and ring mains unit
                   • Voltage transformer isolation
                   • Circuit main earth application protocols

                   • Additional earth application protocols
                   • Dependant power operations
                   • Independent power operations
                   • Stored energy operations
                   • Electrical safety documents
                   • Key safes and Isolok systems
                   • Abridged high voltage safety rules