Advanced Power Distribution Engineering for Utilities

Course Properties

Course date: 24-09-2017
Course End Date: 28-09-2017
Location Sharm El-Sheikh

Course Objective:   

              * Revise the Fundamentals of Distribution Equipment and Network behavior
              * Learn up-to-date requirements in Distribution Planning including cost savings and their justification.
              * Understand the improvements to be gained from the correct application of Supervisory Control and Data

                 Acquisition (SCADA),Distribution Management Systems (DMS) and Distribution Automation
              * Learn the latest developments and improvements in Utility Distribution Engineering and how they can be applied

                to their specific companies.

Who Should Attend:

           * Managers, Engineers, and Senior Technicians involved in the design and operations of Power Distribution Equipment

               and Networks.
           * It is also of great benefit to personnel who require a broad understanding of Power Distribution Engineering due to

               their employment in related activities.

Course Contents:

               Review of Power Distribution Systems
                                          * Voltage Levels
                                          * The Single Line Diagram 
                                          * Network Equipment Overview
                                          * Overhead Lines
                                          * Underground Cables
                                          * Power Transformers
                                          * Measurement Transformers
                                          * Circuit Breakers
                                          * Disconnectors
                                          * Sectionalisers and Fuse-cut-outs
                                          * Capacitors
                                          * Reactors
                                          * Ring Main Units
                                          * Protection Relaying Overview
                                          * Exercises and Case Studies

               Distribution Network Planning (1)
                                          * Internationally Recognized Planning Standards
                                          * Technical Constraints
                                          * Environmental Constraints
                                          * Economic Constraints
                                          * Project Justifications Principles
                                          * Pay-back, DCF, NPV and IRR
                                          * Effects of Ownership, Unbundling and De-regulation
                                          * New Connections
                                          * Network and Nodal Demand Estimation
                                          * Network Topology Modeling
                                          * Tariffs and Load Management
                                          * Minimizing Network Losses
                                          * Imbedded Generation Considerations
                                          * Exercises and Case Studies

                SCADA/DMS/DA – Introduction
                                         * Overview
                                         * Substation Equipment, RTU’s, NTU’s and FTU’s Microprocessor- based Relays
                                         * Types
                                         * Advantages over Electromechanical Relays
                                         * Review of Characteristics
                                         * Interfaces to Substation Control and DMS (DA)
                                         * Open-system Protocols
                                         * Characteristics and Setting Requirements
                                         * Local and Remote
                                         * Adaptive Relaying

                SCADA/DMS/DA – Operational Considerations
                                         * Intelligent Alarm Processing
                                         * AM/FM/GIS
                                         * Fault Detection Isolation and Restoration (FDIR)
                                         * Overhead Systems
                                         * Underground Systems
                                         * Artificial Intelligence Applications
                                         * Remote or Local Considerations
                                         * Switchgear Constraints  
                                         * Economic Justification for Distribution Automation (DA)
                                         * Improving Overall Distribution Network Reliability    
                                         * Worked Examples and Case Studies for Overhead and Underground Networks
                                         * SCADA/DMS and the Enterprise
                                         * Demand side Management Systems
                                         * Trouble Call Analysis (TCA)
                                         * Requirements for Report Centres
                                         * Automatic Remote Metering (AMR)
                                         * Customer Billing Systems (CBS)
                                         * Interoperability
                                         * The Future

               Case Studies and Group Exercises