Building Cisco Remote Access Networks

Course Properties

Course date: 17-09-2017
Course End Date: 21-09-2017
Location Dubai

Course Objective:

        On successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:
            • Interconnect the Network devices as specified by the Design and instillation plan.
            • Build a functional configuration to support the specified network operational requirements
            • Verify the functionality of the network to ensure that it functions as specified
            • Verify connectivity to non-Cisco devices
            • Accurately determine network device operational status and network performance, using the

                command-line interface
            • Manage device configuration files to reduce device downtime and to conform to best practices,

               using Cisco IOS commands
            • Configure access lists to meet specified operational requirements, using the command-line interface
            • Display network operational parameters so that participant can detect anomalies, using the

               appropriate show commands
            • Monitor network operational parameters so that the participant can detect anomalies, using the

               appropriate debug commands


Who Should Attend:

     This course is intended for Electrical and Communication Engineers, involved with the Cisco Network Systems


Course Contents:

              • WAN Technologies & Components
                             0 Defining WAN connection types
                             0 Defining WAN encapsulation protocols
                             0 Determining the WAN types to use
                             0 Selecting Cisco remote access solutions

               • Using AAA to Scale Access Control in an Expanding network
                             0 Cisco access control solutions
                             0 Understanding & configuring AAA

                • Configuring Asynchronous Connection to a Central Site with Modems
                              0 Modem connections and operations
                              0 Modem configuration
                              0 Telephony class of service
                              0 Verifying and debugging modem auto configuration

               • Configuring PPP and Controlling Network Access with PAP and CHAP
                              0 PPP overview
                              0 Configuring basic PPP
                              0 Configuring PAP and CHAP authentication
                              0 Using and configuring other PPP LCP options
                              0 Using multilink PPP
                              0 Verifying and debugging PPP

               • Using ISDN and DDR to Enhance Remote Connectivity
                              0 Configuring ISDN BRI
                              0 Configuring ISDN PRI
                              0 Configuring DDR
                              0 Configuring ISDN & DDR
                              0 Optional ISDN PPP features
                              0 Verifying ISDN & DDR configurations

               • Optimizing the use of DDR interfaces
                              0 Dialer profile overview
                              0 Configuring dialer profiles
                              0 Verifying and troubleshooting a dialer profile configuration

               • Establishing A Dedicated Frame Relay Connection and Controlling Traffic Flow
                              0 Frame relay review
                              0 Configuring frame relay
                              0 Verifying frame relay configuration
                              0 Configuring frame relay sub interfaces
                              0 Configuring frame relay
                              0 Configuring frame relay traffic shaping

               • Enabling Backup for A Primary Connation
                              0 Configuring dial backup
                              0 Routing with the load backup feature

               • Managing Network Performance with Queuing & Compression
                              0 Queuing overview
                              0 Configuring weighted fair queuing
                              0 Class-based weighted fair queuing overview
                              0 Configuring low latency queuing
                              0 Verifying queuing operation
                              0 Optimizing traffic flow with data compression
                              0 Configuring data compression

               • Scaling IP Addresses with Network Addresses Translation
                              0 NAT overview
                              0 NAT operation
                              0 Configuring NAT
                              0 Verifying and troubleshooting NAT

               • Using Broadband to Access Central Site
                              0 Broadband overview
                              0 Cable technology
                              0 DSL technology
                              0 Configuring the CPE as the PPPOE client
                              0 Configuring DSL with PPPOA
                              0 Troubleshooting DSL

               • Virtual Private Networks
                              0 VPN overview
                              0 Cisco IOS cryptosystem overview
                              0 IPSEC technologies
                              0 Prepare for IKE and IPSEC
                              0 Configuring IKE
                              0 Configuring IPSEC
                              0 Test and verify IPSEC