Planning & Application of Traffic Systems

Course Properties

Course date: 10-09-2017
Course End Date: 14-09-2017
Location Cairo

Course Objective:

            At the end of this course, participants will be able to:
               • Recognize the characteristics of the system.
               • Develop their skills in the traffic operation and control.
               • Plan, and operate a traffic system.

Who Should Attend:

           Civil Engineers who work in the field

Course Contents:

                • Introduction
                • Basic Concepts
                • Definitions
                • System Components Characteristics
                • Road Users Characteristics

                • Vehicle Characteristics
                • Highway Characteristics
                • Traffic Control Devices
                • Traffic Demand Studies
                • Volume Studies

                • Speed Studies
                • Travel Time and Delay Studies
                • Parking Studies
                • Accident Studies
                • Traffic Behavior and Supply Characteristics

                • Traffic Flow Theory and Models
                • Highway Capacity and Level of Service
                • Capacity of Freeways
                • Capacity of Weaving Sections
                • Traffic Operation and Control

                • Principles of Traffic Control Devices
                • Traffic Signs and Marking
                • Intersections Signalization