Total Quality Assurance & Quality Control

Course Properties

Course date: 24-12-2017
Course End Date: 28-12-2017
Location Dubai

Course Objectives

At the end of this training course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the aspects of modern quality assurance concepts
  • Understand the aspects of quality and why it is considered important in today‚Äôs competing market.
  • Distinguish the use of Statistical Quality Control
  • Understand the subject of Statistical Process Control (SPC) by considering the basic concepts.
  • Construct and interpret a number of specific control charts as the most widely used methods for the control of quality.
  • Use of Minitab statistical software version 17, the most comprehensive software for data analysis.

Who Should Attend?

All quality control, quality assurance, and quality management staff

Course Content

Day 1 - Introduction to Quality Assurance

  • Defining Quality
  • Quality characteristics
  • Cost of quality
  • Quality Control
  • Defining Quality Assurance
  • Quality Management System
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Workshop 1

Day 2 - Quality Concepts and Customer Focus

  • The fundamental quality concepts
  • Quality Plan
  • Organization Cultural change
  • Standards and Standardization
  • The Main process
  • The support process
  • The Process Approach
  • Workshop 2

Day 3 - Quality Improvement and Methods of SPC

  • The meaning of quality and Quality Improvement
  • Dimensions of Quality
  • Types of Quality Characteristic
  • Statistical Methods for Quality Control and Improvement
  • Tools of SPC
  • Principle and Types of Control chart
  • Rational Sub-group
  • Workshop 3

Day 4 - Control Charts for VariablesX-bar/R/SandImR

  • Variation Concept
  • Types of Variable Control Chart
  • Construction of X-bar and R/S Control Charts
  • Estimating Process Capability
  • The Shewhart Control Chart for Individual Measurement
  • Moving Range Chart mR
  • Workshop 4

Day 5 - Control Charts for Attributes P, NP, C, U

  • Introduction to attribute Control Charts
  • Types of Attribute Control Chart
  • Control Chart for Fraction Nonconforming (P)
  • Control Chart for Number Nonconforming (nP)
  • Control Chart for Attributes Nonconformities ( Defects)
  • Control Chart for Attributes Number Nonconformities (c)
  • Chart for Average Number of Nonconformities per unit (u)
  • Workshop 5