Tenders & Procurements Contracts Management

Course Properties

Course date: 10-12-2017
Course End Date: 14-12-2017
Location Sharm El-Sheikh

Course Objective:

               To enable participants to:
                • Improve their ability to produce proposals that are specific to the client. Make clear the commercial and technical benefits of the solution.
                • Appreciate the major sections of a proposal, which are important to decision makers.
                • Write good covering letters, introductions, and management summaries.
                • Address specifically the prospect's basis of decision and highlight the advantages of the supplier's
                • Products /services and approach to doing business.

                • Produce proposals that are strong sales documents.
                • Develop a system for responding to tenders efficiently and effectively.
                • Appreciate the importance of good proposal presentation and layout.
                • Participants will learn key procurement strategies, planning, conducting in addition, and documenting contract negotiations.
                • The course aims to provide participants with the knowledge and skill required for successful project related procurement in an International

                   Competitive Tendering environment.

Who Should Attend:

                • This course is valuable for:
                • Projects, contracts, procurement, and tenders professionals with responsibility for administrating
                • Contracts:
                • Managers responsible for the preparation of documents for competitive tendering within project related procurement.

Course Contents:
                • Introduction to Tenders and procurements.
                • Types of tenders.
                • International and domestic contractual options, their structure and application.
                • Procurement strategies.
                • Planning, conducting, and documenting contract negotiations.

                • Planning, scheduling, and control using CPM and PERT analysis.
                • Claim entitlement; evaluation, preparation, and negotiation techniques.
                • Negotiation Skills;
                • The ability to obtain agreement between divergent interests of two or more parties.
                • Applying appropriate negotiating skills and techniques.

                • Representing team and organizational interests.
                • Decision making and Judgment;
                • Applying judgment to select the best possible solution.
                • Taking decisions or making appropriate recommendations.