Effective Office Administration & Power of Positive Attitude

Course Properties

Course date: 10-12-2017
Course End Date: 14-12-2017
Location Dubai

Course objectives:

After completion of this course personnel should be able to:

  • The importance of defining and understanding your crucial role as an office manager.
  • The keys to robust and effective organization.
  • How to understand, write and control budgets with ease.
  • The importance of possessing basic negotiation and influencing skills and how best to apply them in your role.
  • How to get the outcome you desire through effective win/win communication skills.
  • How to cram 24 hours into a morning – a master class in dynamic time management.
  • How to manage difficult people, situations and stress in a calm and effective manner.

Who Should Attend?

Administrators, assistant administrators, executive secretaries, existing or prospective office managers/senior administrators and supervisors of junior level employees 

Course Content

Defining the Role of the Office Manager

  • Understanding the core components of the office manager role:
    – Functions / Roles / Responsibilities / Clarifying expectations

Logistics - The Art of Effective Planning and Organizing

  • How to plan – a step by step framework for success
  • The importance of robust project management skills
  • Avoiding the common logistical traps
  • Problem solving and decision making

Budgeting - Understanding and Controlling the Finances

  • Understanding core financial terminology
  • How to write and understand a budget
  • How to defend your budget from attack

Essential Negotiation Skills - Doing Win/Win Deals

  • The critical importance of robust negotiation skills
  • Tactics and counter tactics – a best practice approach
  • Why win/win is the ultimate goal in any negotiation

Effective Communication - Written and Spoken

  • How to get your message across firmly and fairly
  • Practical ways to get your voice heard in any scenario
  • Best practice communication model. Writing instructions and process guides
  • Getting your hands on the information you need

Prioritizing - How to Cram 24 Hours into a morning!

  • How to prioritize in a way that works for you
  • Identifying your personal “time stealers”
  • Best practice time management techniques
  • How to defend your time from institutional and colleague attack
  • Practical steps for increasing productivity and efficiency
  • The importance of effective delegation

Taking Control - Stick to Your Guns

  • Understanding and maximizing your personal strengths
  • Harnessing the unique strengths of others
  • Don’t get panicked by rank into changing your tack

Dealing with Difficult Situation - People and Emotions

  • Dealing with the organizational hierarchy
  • Coping with those who know better
  • How to handle emotions and feelings in a professional way
  • Conflict resolution – a best practice approach
  • Dealing with the human crisis

Dealing with Pressure and Stress

  • Coping with difficult problems
  • The importance of keeping things in perspective
  • Dealing with crisis scenarios
  • Practical breathing techniques How to handle your own stress
  • Coping with others in stress

The Power of Positive Thinking

  • A positive mind anticipates happiness, joy, health, and favorable results
  • Positive thinking is a way of life
  • Positive and negative thinking are contagious
    Practical Instructions
  • In order to turn the mind toward the positive, some inner work is required, since attitude and thoughts do not change overnight