Contracts Dispute Settlement ADR and Arbitration

Course Properties

Course date: 03-12-2017
Course End Date: 07-12-2017
Location Sharm El-Sheikh

     The evolving international Partnering and Alliances combination in construction industry and its ever-changing Construction product have induced huge Change Orders and claims, as a consequent the crucial need for various types of dispute resolution.

Course Objectives:
             The objective of this module is to:
                • Develop Participant skills in the art of Analyzing change orders and managing its consequences,
  throughout studding the legal

                  aspect of the contract as well as the responsibilities  and liabilities of both parties, along with the suitable means for dispute resolution.
                • Study, Analysis, price, proceed and Negotiate Change orders.
                • Be aware of the legal Background and International Standard in the field of Dispute resolution
                • Be aware of the means for presenting Claims
                • Managing Claims documentation.

Who Should Attend:

               • Project Manager
                • Managers
                • Contracting department Personnel
                • Procurement department personnel
                • Contract Administrations.

Course Contents:
                • CLAIMS AND DISPUTES
                                  Introduction
                                  Definition
                                  Classification
                                  Contractual Claims
                                  Ex gratia Claims
                                  Generation of Claims
                                  General
                                  Germination

                • DOCUMENTATION
                                  General
                                  Shortcomings

                • EXECUSION OF THE WORK
                                  Variations
                                  Risks / responsibility for

                • PAYMENT
                                  Valuation of contract work
                                  Valuation of varied work

                • PROLONGATION
                                  Delay for which the employer is responsible
                                  Delay for which the employer is not responsible

                • DEFAULT ETC.
                • NOTIFICATION
                                  General
                                  Delay
                                  Interim payment signals

                • PRESENTATION
                • ESTABLISHMENT
                • EXAMINATION
                                  Claims arising from documentation
                                  Claims arising in connection with execution of the work
                                  Contractor to satisfy himself
                                  Work to be to the satisfaction of the Engineer
                                  Nominated sub-contractors
                                  Defects Claims concerning payment provisions
                                  Claims concerning time
                                  General
                                  Effective duration of delay
                                  Effect of delay on work intended to be done
                                  The costs attributable to delay
                                  The nature of costs expenses / Forms of contract
                                  The classification of cost/loss/expense
                                  Disruption

                • TYPES OF CHANGES
                                  Prepare , Price and  formulate of change orders and Claims the legal Background

                                       and International Standards in the field of Dispute resolution
                                  The legal Background and International Standards in the field of

                                      Dispute resolution
                                  Alternative ways of settling contract Disputes

                • ARBITRATION
                                  Introduction to International Construction Arbitration
                                  Issues that cause International Construction Disputes
                                  Typical International Construction Claims
                                  Common Mechanisms for Resolving International Construction Disputes
                                  Introduction to FIDIC and its Dispute Resolution Provisions
                                  Conduct of a Typical International Arbitration
                                  Investment Treaty Arbitration and Construction Disputes
                                  Advice on Drafting International Construction Dispute Resolution Provisions
                                  Advice on Preparing for and Conducting International Construction Disputes