The Customer Complaint System, A Tool for Customer Service Improvement

Course Properties

Course date: 03-12-2017
Course End Date: 07-12-2017
Location Sharm El-Sheikh

Course Objective:

            By the end of the program, participants will be able to:

               • Explain the vital role of a customer complaints management system in enhancing

                  organizational performance.

               • Implement a customer feedback system that will maximize customer satisfaction

                  and retention.

               • Manage every phase of the complaint handling process from preparation to closing

                 including receipt, analysis, escalation, tracking, and all internal and external communication.

               • Develop relevant Key Performance Indicators to assess and audit complaint systems.

               • Improve existing systems and benchmark against world’s top complaints handling



Who Should Attend:

      Customer complaints system managers and staff, customer service managers and staff, as well as managers and staff of support departments such as HR and IT, that provides services to other departments (internal customers) in the organization


Course Contents:

          Introduction to Understanding Your Customers

               • Interesting Facts and Figures

               • Customer Retention

               • The Principal Foundation of Retaining and Developing Our Customer Base

               • The PRIDE Model for Understanding Customer Needs

               • Service Mix Elements

               • The Service Quality Model and Service Gaps

               • Managing Customer Expectations


         Introduction to Complaints Management

               • Customer Complaint Definition

               • The Importance of Complaints

               • Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty

               • The Kano Model

               • The Danger of Ignoring Complaints

               • Levels of Complaints

               • Complaints Handling: Process and Behavior

               • Sources of Customer Complaints

               • Dealing With Customer Complaints


        Complaints Management Standards and Complaints Handling Process (CHP)

               • Complaints Management Standards - Background

               • ISO 9001 Process Model

               • ISO 9001 and Requirements for Complaints Management

               • Essential Elements of a Complaints Management System

               • ISO 10002:2008 Guidelines for CHP

               • Scope and Guiding Principles

               • The Complaints Handling Policy

               • Responsibility and Authority

                                o Top Management

                                o Management Representative

                                o Other Managers

                                o All Personal in Contact with Customers

                                o All Other Personnel

               • Planning and Design

                                o Objectives

                                o Customer Satisfaction, Linkages and Alignment

                                o Resource Requirements

                                o Competency Requirements                  

              • Operation and Communication

                                o Essential Elements

                                o Receiving, Recording and Tracking

                                o Assessing, Investigating and Closing

               • Maintenance and Improvement

               • Management Review


        Assessing and Monitoring a Complaints Management System

               • Quotes on Measures

               • Metrics, Measures and KPIs

               • Where Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Come From

               • Some Organizational Key Result Areas (KRAs)

               • Criteria for Good’ KPIs

               • Analysis of Complaints: Root Cause Analysis

               • Prioritizing Problems

               • Finding Effective and Efficient Solutions