Security Crisis Management (Arabic)

Course Properties

Course date: 03-12-2017
Course End Date: 07-12-2017
Location Dubai

Overview & Course Objective:

                • This course is aimed primarily at those who are tasked with managing security crises,

                   whether at a Strategic or Tactical level or those who have to train or exercise others

                    in these roles.
                • It gives practical experience and theoretical guidance for dealing with a variety of

                    security crises.
                • This intensive course enhances the capabilities of staff working in Crisis Management

                   Team at Operational, Tactical, and Strategic level of command.
                • The course builds the confidence of Crisis Management Team members by using

                   simple background training and sophisticated simulations. This gives the delegates

                   the opportunity to build their expertise through understanding the systems used and

                   the practice of a series of progressive exercises in a safe but realistic environment.


Who Should Attend:

                • Crisis Management Team Members, Crisis Management Team Leaders and those

                    providing administrative, secretarial or private office support to a crisis team.
                • All Business Continuity professionals and members of Incident Management teams and

                   those required to exercise or train others in those roles.


Course Contents:

                • What is a security crisis - how does is affect the organization?
                • How is a security crisis escalated and by what structures?
                • Who makes up the security crisis management team?
                • What resources does the team require?
                • What does a security crisis management plan contain?
                • How are security crisis communications managed?
                • How do you train and exercise the team?
                • Practicing command and control; decision making and leadership in a security crisis.
                • Security Crisis Communications to internal and external agencies
                • Understanding the main security crisis management systems used in industry and government

                • Emergency services responsibilities
                • 'Tricks of the trade', ideal information systems and method
                • Roles and responsibilities at all levels
                • Understanding strategies and their applications
                • Central and Local Government obligations and the Civil Contingencies Act