Bidding Strategies, Terms of Contract and Cash Flow Curves

Course Properties

Course date: 03-12-2017
Course End Date: 07-12-2017
Location Sharm El-Sheikh

Overview & Course Objective:

Strategy is a word we associate with long-term political aims, war and generalship the art of imposing upon the enemy the place and time and conditions of fighting preferred by oneself', or more simply, the art of winning wars; unlike tactics, which is about winning battles; or logistics, the third of the military arts, which is concerned with the provision and deployment of resources.; 'The calling is strategy; the play is tactics.. Strategic decisions of this kind should be a major concern of directors; deciding what things are to be done - concentrating upon the desired ends, not means which should be the preoccupation of executives; seeing that these things are done effectively in operational (tactical) and administrative (logistical) terms.

 The objective of this course is to select the suitable bidding strategy in order to maximize the chance of getting the work with effective cost, consequently achieving the desired profits.  

Who Should Attend:

                   • Upper Level of manager
                   • Contracting and procurement Managers
                   • Head of tendering and Bidding departments

Course Contents:

                  • What is Strategy
                  • What is the difference between Tactic and strategy?
                  • Peter Drucker Classification of Risk and opportunity
                                  Definition of Bidding Strategy.
                                  Elements of Bidding Strategy. 
                                  Risk
                                  Terms of Contract and Cash Flow Curves
                                  Competition
                                  Other Qualitative Elements
                                  Bidding Strategy Models
                                  Risk Analysis Models
                                  Terms of Contract and Cash Flow Curves Models.
                                  Competition Models.
                • International Tender for EPC project
                • The different form of Tenders/ Bids
                • Prequalification and Tenders / Bids procedures
                • Tender/ Bid  opening report
                • Tender enquiry
                • Case Study in Tendering/ Bidding