Negotiating & Dispute Resolution

Course Properties

Course date: 26-11-2017
Course End Date: 30-11-2017
Location Cairo

About the Course:

      This course intends to enhance delegates ability to negotiate effectively - a critical competency in

        both work and life situations.

      It will equip them with a range of communication, interpersonal skills, and appreciation of the

        elements of planning and objective  setting in negotiations.

      There will be an opportunity for delegates to carry out a self-assessment of their skills in key areas

       of negotiation including team negotiations.

      This course covers the key stages of negotiation, considers how disputes arise, and provides

        delegates with the skills to follow a structured process.

      The delegates will be introduced to different negotiation styles, tactics and at the same time learn

         how to recognize and counter them.

The course will feature:

               • The key stages in the negotiation process

               • The terms associated with the strategy for negotiation

               • Tactics and ploys which may be used against you in negotiation

               • The importance of team dynamics when negotiating

               • Effective negotiation strategies during practical exercises

Course Objective:

         By the end of the course, participants will:

               • Demonstrate their understanding of the significance of planning and objective setting              

               • Describe how to achieve ‘win-win’ outcomes within the bargaining process

               • Identify the causes of disagreements & disputes

               • Understand the impact dispute may have on relationships over the long term

               • Describe the use of strategies to resolve the causes of disputes


Who Should Attend?

        This course is suitable to a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit:

               • Personnel from a wide range of business disciplines

               • Departmental heads with the responsibility to drive change through collaboration

               • Those who have a current or planned negotiation with internal as well as external “suppliers

                  or customers”

               • Delegates with experience of negotiating but want to improve their knowledge and skills

               • Others who may find themselves in a leadership position when responding to a major

                  emergency or involved in implementing the company’s Health Safety and Environmental

                  Safety Management Systems.


Course Contents:

        Day One: Fundamentals of Negotiation

               • Negotiation defined

               • Disputes and the need for resolution

               • Place of negotiation in the contractual resolution process

               • Commercial impact of the breakdown of negotiations

               • Best Alternative To a Negotiated Agreement (BATNA)

               • The four phase process of negotiation

        Day Two: The Negotiator’s Toolbox

               • Preparation

               • Information needs

               • Drafting your proposal which will open the discussion

               • The negotiation discussion phase

               • Bargain and Close

               • Negotiating position setting

         Day Three: Negotiating Styles, Tactics and Ploys

               • Cultural & international issues

               • Red, Purple & Blue negotiators

               • Non-verbal communication and the interpretation of body language

               • Make time your friend

               • Silence and ploys as tactics and how to respond effectively

         Day Four: Personal Fitness and Dealing with Difficult Negotiations

               • Interests, positions and escalation

               • Stakeholder power behind the interests in negotiation

               • Negotiator as a Mediator

               • Team negotiations

               • Proposals and persuasion

         Day Five: Putting it all into practice

               • Negotiation case study

               • Team allocation and simulation exercise

               • Analysis of performance

               • The Do’s and Don’ts of Negotiating

               • Improving what we do - action planning