Office Management & Effective Administration Skills

Course Properties

Course date: 26-11-2017
Course End Date: 30-11-2017
Location Kuala Lumpur

Course Objective:

            At the end of this training, the participants will:
                • Have a clear process for establishing, clarifying and agreeing their role
                • Understand the keys to better communications and begun to practice them
                • Have mastered a wide range of techniques to improve motivation and enhance individual

                    performance through proven goal setting and performance appraisal processes
                • Have improved their ability to influence people
                • Have practiced handling grievances and counseling marginal performers
                • Be skilled in dealing with difficult situations and people as they arise
                • Understand the need for constantly promoting a culture of safety
                • Have established their own leadership tendencies and chosen and practiced an appropriate

                    leadership style for the type of team they lead
                • Have learned the practical steps involved in delegation that succeeds
                • Have a tool kit of problem solving and decision making skills which can be adapted to

                    different situations
                • Understand the practical implications of team dynamics
Who Should Attend:
           This seminar is designed for:
                • Expected to meet higher management strategic vision
                • Supervisors who want to improve their abilities to manage their team more effectively
                • Supervisors who have to manage difficult teams or individual team members
                • Supervisors who would like to be able to delegate more but are concerned about the

                    competence and / or commitment of their team members
                • Managers who want to refresh their core managerial skills
Course Contents:
                • Achieving Role and Goal Clarity
                • The inner concerns of the newly appointed supervisor
                • The job of the supervisor
                • Checklist for working effectively with your boss
                • What a supervisor should expect from his manager

                • What staff want from their supervisors
                • Planning a productive goal setting and role negotiation meeting with your boss
                • Inspiring a Shared Vision
                • Creating a collective vision
                • Communicating clearly

                • Motivating with praise
                • Constructive criticism & feedback
                • Delegating with confidence
                • Effective active listening
                • Staff Motivation

                • What are people looking for in their jobs
                • Ironies of motivation
                • Managing people – 10 Essential Behaviors
                • How do you rate on motivation?
                • Motivational techniques for greater commitment and output

                • Using the weapons of influence
                • On –the –job training
                • Coaching
                • Giving praise effectively
                • Setting Performance Expectations and Requirements

                • The benefit of setting performance expectations
                • The elements necessary for communicating assignment expectations
                • Selecting effective methods for establishing accountability
                • Associating individual traits with specific learning style
                • Associating individual traits with various performance styles

                • Performance Management
                • Constructive confrontation skills
                • Saying ‘no’ skillfully
                • Counseling for performance improvement
                • Disciplinary Process

                • Dealing with grievances
                • Promoting a culture of safety at work
                • Delegation
                • Delegating effectively
                • Goal setting – S.M.A.R.T goals

                • Performance appraisals that work
                • Introducing new employees to the job
                • Promoting Organizational Change
                • Motivating your people during change
                • Preparing for change

                • Lowering resistance to change
                • Adapting to change
                • Improving meetings
                • Encouraging participation in meetings
                • Leadership and Supervisory Competencies

                • Core Competencies for Executives, Managers and Supervisors
                • Difference Between a Manager and a Leader
                • The Behaviors of a Supervisor as a Leader
                • Choosing an Appropriate Leadership Style
                • Cultural Context Inventory
                • Behavior, Attitude & Beliefs
                • Task orientation Vs Individual orientation
                • The effect of different leadership styles on the team climate
                • Choosing the appropriate style in different situations
                • Building Synergistic Teams via Effective Coaching

                • When & why to build a team
                • Assembling a successful team
                • Managing team development stages
                • Coaching employees to become high performance teams
                • Effective team leadership

                • Dealing with cultural differences in teams
                • The Problem Solving & Decision Making Process
                • Problem definition
                • Finding the root cause
                • Situational analysis

                • Tracking performance problems
                • Generating alternatives
                • Problem solving using the loop system
                • The benefits of a team approach
                • The problem solving process

                • Reasons for poor decisions
                • Managing the risk
                • Steps to good decision making
                • Decision making applied
                • Personal Action Planning

                • What I will do and why
                • How and by when
                • Contracting with colleagues for mutual support