Skills of Effective Management of Public Relations

Course Properties

Course date: 26-11-2017
Course End Date: 30-11-2017
Location Dubai

 Course Objective:

      Participants will learn how to:

            • Develop your organizations PR policy in line with the company Business Plans,
            • Creatively leverage interactive media to build stronger, more effective relationships with key internal and external

           • Create on Line publications and campaigns,
           • Evaluate and measure your successes,
           • Raise awareness and credibility amongst your internal and external clients,
           • Write your Press Releases,
           • Increase your awareness of the information channels available to you
           • Develop the interpersonal skills of influencing and persuasion.


 Who Should Attend:

  PR officers, managers, and marketing staff wanting to extend their awareness of PR opportunities, and develop the techniques and skills to capitalize on these. This course is ideal for people with no, or limited, PR training. 

Course Contents:

       • General introduction to public relations
       • Public affairs and what it means
       • The relationship between public affairs and company goals
       • Basics of effective communications
       • Public affairs organization and management

       • Developing good Media Relations
       • Different types of Media
       • Business TV and radio
       • Video Conferencing
       • Handling and understanding journalist and press conferences

       • Managing conflict communications
       • Anticipating and handling serious situations with the potential to impact the business
       • Identifying and communicating with the abundant audiences and interest groups that emerge at a time of crisis
       • Communicating and building trust with the public and the media under adverse circumstances
       • Techniques for defusing rumor and speculation

       • Working with the Media
       • How do the media work?
       • The building block - what is news?
       • How do you get your message across?
       • Crisis management: What happens in a crisis?; Using the law to reduce adverse media coverage; Crisis planning;

           The journalist's view; Net crisis; Conflict communications - operating under the glare of public scrutiny; Crisis clinic

       • International Public Relations
       • Research, Planning
       • Press Packs
       • Understanding cultural differences
       • Writing the press releases

       • Content, layout and style
       • Ensuring effectiveness
       • Avoiding the pitfalls
       • Corporate communications
       • The challenges of the environment and society, the demands of the market and the effect of these on the company's survival

       • Key audiences
       • Investors
       • Employees
       • Government and the local community
       • The international community

       • The marketplace
       • News media
       • Integration of corporate communications within the organization
       • Who is responsible in the company?
       • Internal coordination of corporate communications strategy

       • Selected components of corporate communications programs
                o  Corporate identity
                o  Corporate brochures
                o  Corporate advertising
                o  Corporate positioning
                o  Corporate videos
                o  Corporate sponsorship

       • Internal communications
       • Commitment to and understanding of an organization’s mission
       • Changing the culture internally
       • Methods to help achieve commitment internally
       • Difficult Situations

       • Creating a positive impression when dealing with senior colleagues
       • Communicating difficult or sensitive messages
       • Gaining co-operation from others and minimizing conflict
       • Scenario Planning
       • Surviving an uncertain

       • Providing a clear understanding of the implications of new technology for existing business models.

         This will include the internet, intelligent materials, smart cards, and digital TV
       • Outlining the market impact of demographic change, analyzing the changes that may emerge from redrawing market

       • I llustrating the use of scenario planning tools. This will include 'whole systems analysis', cause and effect linking, technology

         extrapolation, and mapping future purchasing trends