Advanced Presentation Skills Workshop

Course Properties

Course date: 19-11-2017
Course End Date: 23-11-2017
Location Sharm El-Sheikh


        •  Did you know that the "Fear of Public Speaking" is ranked the highest, whereas,"fear of death" is ranked number seven?
       • "Presentations" play a vital role in projecting the company's image to customers. It is also a tool through which leaders determine

             potential for higher management positions within an organization.

       •  This highly interactive training workshop improves the Presentation skills of participants significantly. 

       •  The program focuses on the Participant's presentation styles and identifies areas of improvement  to further  strengthen

          "Public Speaking Skills". It addresses issues such as your natural Style  of Presentations, Boy Language, Fear of Public Speaking,

           Communication Skills, Motivation etc.



        By the end of the workshop delegates will be able to:
           •  Deliver value to your business/organization through meetings and presentations.
           •  Improve personal presentation styles and build confidence when delivering formal presentations, one to many or one

               to one presentation.
           •  Structure presentations in an appropriate and effective way 
           •  Understand the objectives of any presentation and deliver to them
           •  Develop presentations to deliver the desired message
           •  Making optimum use of personal style / personality
           •  Understand the importance of ‘stories’ and analogies in presenting.
           •  Manage the presentation time and understand and manage the dynamics between presenter and audience.
           •  Avoid nerves and present in a natural, persuasive way


Course Contents:

  1. Presentation Skills
                 • Planning a presentation
                 • Selecting a topic to present
                 • Researching a topic / gathering information
                 • Important considerations before making a presentations
                 • Presentation Skills while making presentations

                                     How to overcome Stage Fear?
                                     How to avoid Distractions during presentation?
                                     How to Manage Time during presentations?
                                     How to concentrate on "Body Language"? (Self & audiences) 
                                     How to develop the audience's Enthusiasm to match yours?
                                     How to create Presentation Opportunities?

                 • Humor - How to cultivate it.
                 • Reparation - The key to success

                                    Participants will get a questionnaire / checklist to assist future presentations.
                                    Audience Analysis - How to analyze audiences requirements
                                    Other related home work 

                 • Handling difficult situations
                                    How to be impactful and memorable

  2. Software Skills:PowerPoint Session
                 • Creating a presentation from scratch (exercise based)
                 • Adding Special Effects 
                 • Printing a presentation (handouts)
                 • Add. edit and format text in a presentation 
                 • Changing backgrounds. Color Schemes etc...
                 • Tips on projecting data/information
                 • Using professional templates / wizards

  3. Role Playing (Camcorder section)
               • Participants will develop and deliver a presentation
               • Tips on Presentation, delivery, punch line, body language, handling questions will be provided on an individualized basis.