Improving Work Methods by Implementing the Process Improvement

Course Properties

Course date: 19-11-2017
Course End Date: 23-11-2017
Location Kuwait
    The analysis of existing work method can provide a starting point for a synthesis of suggested improvement in job performance. The technique specially designed for improving work method is called the process improvement formula.
   Complete elimination of unwanted activities is the most important step in developing an improved method. If elimination is not possible then possibility of combining the different activities should be explored. The next strategy in development stage is to identify scope of changes in the sequence operations or activities.
   The last and most important plus expensive step in process of method development is the simplification of activities in order to allow the operator/ worker to complete the job more quickly and easily reducing the number of operations, reducing and eliminating the delays and storage etc.
   Finally after selecting the work method to be adopted, certain amount of experimentation will be required to locate and eliminate snags if any. Specify the improved method; it is essential that the selected method be described fully in systematic manner.
Course Objectives:
       The course's main objective is to familiarize delegates of key issues in Improving work methods.
       Upon completion of the course, delegates will be familiar with:
               • What is a process,
               • Who owns processes, 
               • What is process improvement, 
               • How does process improvement benefit the organization, 
               • How does an organization get started on process improvement, 
               • What is the Basic Process Improvement Model. 
       And will be able to:
               • Eliminate the unnecessary activities.
               • Combine two or more activities.
               • Sequence the various activities properly
               • Simplify the activities.
Designed For:
       In the rabidly developed world business environment, this course is essential for all employees & staff.
Course Contents:
         Steps of the Implementation of Process Improvement Method 
               • Step 1: Select a process and establish the process improvement objective. 
               • Step 2: Organize the “right” team. 
               • Step 3: Flowchart the current process. 
               • Step 4: Simplify the process and make changes. 
               • Step 5: Develop a data collection plan and collect baseline data. 
               • Step6: Is the process stable? 
               • Step 7: Is the process capable? 
               • Step 8: Identify root causes for lack of capability. 
               • Step 9: Plan to implement the process change. 
               • Step 10: Modify the data collection plan, if necessary. 
               • Step 11: Test the change and collect data. 
               • Step 12: Is the modified process stable? 
               • Step 13: Did the process improve? 
               • Step 14: Standardize the process and reduce the frequency of data collection.
        Specifications of the selected method to accomplish several purposes like
               • Communication of the method to the management.
               • Communication to those concerned with its implementation.
               • Provision of an official record of the method.
        The new method should possess the following aspects
               • Full use of worker’s body.
               • Arrangements of work place.
               • Design of tools and Equipment
               • The cost benefit.
        Installing the Improved Method
               • Training of those who are going to utilize the new method. 
               • Entrusting the installation to responsible person. 
               • Continuous observations; minor modifications may be made to facilitate work.
               • Intensive analysis of employees and management to ensure the method is operated in the best possible manner. 
        Maintain the Improved Method
               • Periodic checks and verification. 
               • Exploring required changes and reasons for deviation if any; the method should be reviewed at intervals to provide allowances
                 for any changes.